Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Toiletries - checked
Cardigan - checked
Undergarments - checked
Myself - checked

Everything's checked and packed into my luggage. It was a good thing that my mum had the Shell Rewards thingy and she collected the Samsonite luggage bag today with the Shell points. My other Samsonite bag was quite small that I couldn't fit everything inside. I told myself that if I couldn't fit everything inside, I have to bring my Converse bag but I guess it is not neccessary now.

Being someone who's studying as a nurse really holds high reputation in the family especially if one of your relatives is injured. My cousin injured his heel by stepping on a rusty rod and eventhough he's warded, he'll be coming along with us. Instead of flying together today, he'll be arriving two days late and I'll be the one changing his dressing and stuff. It's too bad that my aunt who's also a nurse couldn't come and I have to do the dressing for him. Hopefully everything will be alright though. I remembered that my maid scalded her hand with hot oil and I had to do dressing for her. It was worrying at first though because I didn't use the dressing tray to do it and still has to observe my aseptic techniques. Furthermore, the worst thing that I feared was wound infection. That's the scariest part of all.. an infection! But thank god all went well and her skin looks brand new!

Well.. I better go now. I'll be leaving around three something eventhough my flight's at six in the evening. I won't be back until the 1st of January 2007! So.. wishing all of you out there a very Happy New Year and to all Muslims, Selamat Hari Raya Haji!
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I'm leaving for Jakarta today and I still haven't really finished packing my bag. I have lots of things to bring but my luggage is too small! I have my toiletries, cardigans to put in but it's completely full!

Anyway, I promised that I would talk about The It Girl - Reckless.

RECKLESS started from the second book, NOTORIOUS. Jenny Humphrey is still going out with Easy Walsh, Callie Vernon's ex-boyfriend. As you can say, jealousy arises. Callie and Tinsley has been good friends - compare them with Serena and Blair from Gossip Girls and they've been trying to rip Jenny out from Easy's hands but it didn't work UNTIL Easy asked Callie out for a dinner date with him and his father. Easy didn't want to bring Callie along because she's no longer his girlfriend but his father insists. Without telling Jenny, he invited Callie and was awed by Callie's politeness and change of personality during that dinner date. He had feelings for both girls but he couldn't choose which one. In the end, he got busted by Tinsley. They were having a party at the girls dormitory and Tinsley spilled out his secret to everyone, and Jenny heard. Callie was shocked that her BFF, Tinsley would do such a thing that she started feeling guilty for Jenny and for once, she was able to speak out for herself and Jenny even if there's a hot guy in front of you. And shockingly, Callie became friends with Jenny.. and the rest is history. Well.. not really. The fourth book's coming out next year in July...
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Sunday, December 24, 2006
It was a tiring night but a worthy one. I went to Johor this morning and spent time at Pulai Springs with my relatives. I regretted not bringing my swimming costume. It has been a long time since I've swam and looking at the ripples of water surrounding my cousin makes me feel rejuvenated... LOL

Instead of watching from the sidelines, I went to the library instead with Anisa. She didn't really study as she planned to but instead drew a manga draft for her storyline. Sadly Anisa, I still can't read my eligible handwriting! Got to brainstorm again for a better fan-fic now! ;) While she was enjoying herself, I myself was indulged in the world of The It Girl - Reckless. Boarding school really is an adventure and being experienced by Anisa herself, it seems so real! All the rich brats, dorm rooms, restrictions makes it all looks fun but there are still ugly sides of it.. especially in the girls' domitory. I'll talk about Reckless later though...

However, the most shocking part was when my cousin Aiman stepped onto a rusty rod and had a deep gash on his hind leg. Now, he's in NUH and being treated about it. Stepping on a rusty metal is no joke... it can cause infections if not treated promptly. Hopefully, if God wills, he can make it to the Jakarta trip and celebrate Hari Raya Haji with us there.

It's been a long day and though it may seem boring, it's just fun to spend your day out with your relatives and just let go!
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Saturday, December 23, 2006
Being the book fanatic here, I went to Amazon.com just to see how the latest covers of The It Girl, Gossip Girl and The A-List looks like. However, it's still early and they'll only come out next year...

But there was a particular book that got my whole attention and made me squeal literally. The seventh and last installment of Harry Potter!! I saw the book and I think it'll be really good!! It's called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! I CAN'T WAIT!!

I'm currently reading Reckless and I hate Tinsley and Callie already!!! They're like Serena mix into one minus the bitching and revenge.. that's Blair's job. Can't they just keep their hands to themselves and not interfere with relationships?! I really would like Jenny and Easy to be together but Easy.. sheesh.. boys are boys! Going out with the ex-girlfriend and totally forgetting about his current one.. how low can he go!! I'm so freaking pissed right now but hey.. the bitching and the revenge makes the book far more interesting! ;))
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Friday, December 22, 2006
I just read a freakingly good fan-fiction and I cannot get over it!. Angel z Lover... one of the authors that I really like. I thought her story "Lying Is A Sin" was just trash but NOOO!! It was PRETTY DAMN GOOD!! Thank god she didn't stop at LIAS... there's a sequel to the story and it's going be very interesting than LIAS. More drama, suspense, tradegy and not to forget romance between Sakura and Syaoran. But the worst of all.. Syaoran was the one who murdered Sakura's parents and he's now married to her because of business and clan stuff!! Aaargghh... I need to read more of it!! ANISA... my personal message to you.. READ THIS STORY! IT'S NOT WHAT YOU EXPECT IT TO BE!! :))

On the other hand, I'm double freakingly happy because I got the third It Girl novel, Reckless! Jenny and Easy... hopefully they're like Blair and Nate minus all the drama and stuff.. I really would like them both to be together forever.. sheesh how cheesy.. lol. It was a good thing I ordered a book from Borders because they'll sent you discount coupons through your mail.. really cool! And one of it was 3 for 2 for full priced CDs.. which means the price of 2 CDs for 3.. I hope you get the drift.. haha

It was fun while it last though... and I think now I can't compare between Borders and Taka Kinokuniya.. LOL. I thought Kino will have the latest update but I was partially wrong! Borders updates faster than Kino! I was looking for Reckless and lo behold!! I found it in BORDERS!! Furthermore, the good thing about Borders is they import books from America and the cover of the books are the same like what you find out in websites. For example, I ordered New Moon by Stephenie Meyer and the cover's just the same as the American counterpart!! I regretted not buying Twilght from Borders though cause only now Kino sells the cover with the apple on it. I bought Twilight with the girl on it who supposedly is Bella but she don't even look like her!!

Anyway.. now I know.. haha..
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
It has been two days since the rain poured its hearts out and the thunders boomed in anger but the sun made its grand entrance today. A sight to behold when waking up this morning! Instead of the pitter pattering of the rain, a bright streak of light shimmered through my window! A wonderful to start out with and hopefully a good one to end.

Today has to be my slackiest and Nash's record of watching more than 3 movies.
  1. She's All That
  2. Bring It On: All Or Nothing
  3. Material Girls
Although it may seem as a few, but still it's a movie record for me! I guess I'm planning to watch two more - Never Been Kissed and The Wedding Singer. Cheesy, romantic, chick flicks are just my cup of tea! LOL

Alright now.. I guess the movie's finish uploading. Gotta get my popcorns and stuff myself with great joy! LOL

p.s. I didn't download any movies or anything. I just watch it through YouTube.. hehe
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Friday, December 15, 2006
The flu bug has made me his target for the umpteenth time and I wonder... he really has good timing! I'm always getting sick whenever it's nearing the holidays or during it. Anyway, yesterday was bewildering! Being the same old self and finishing my work to the last minute, I experienced a sense of deja vu!

A few nights before, I dreamt that while writing my essay about the Indonesian culture, I added a sentence inbetween the paragraphs and unfortunately, what I wrote came through unexpectedly! After realising it, I sat motionless staring at my laptop and "Holy cow! Was that deja vu!?". Well... that didn't really came out from my mouth but that was what I was feeling! Honestly, that was the first time I experienced a sense of deja vu... I think.. haha.

Alright, I think that's all I can write right now.. leaving early morning for Batam tomorrow...
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Saturday, December 9, 2006
It's the second time this week that I came across an ambulance... and I've been thinking about being a paramedic. I heard that it doesn't pay much than being a staff nurse but I find it challenging, thrilling at the same time. Anyway... I went out today with my brother and spent our time around Orchard. As you know, there's a movie called Eragon and it's based on a book. I lent him my Eragon and he was fascinated by it that he wants to buy the 2nd book of the trilogy, Eldest. I told him I have the book and I could lend it to him but no... he want one for himself! Ha.. such a waste being a "libarian" of the household... LOL

Anyway, I'll be watching Eragon with my cousins on Wednesday after school. Hopefully I can book the tickets in advance and get good seats. I was shocked when I checked the advance booking for Eragon on 12 Dec and it's sold out!! SOLD OUT!! How can it be SOLD OUT!!?? I thought Eragon's not that popular here like Harry Potter but I guess I was wrong...

Ok.. I guess that's all.. I'm currently loss at words and I need to finish my essay!! Need to go...
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Thursday, December 7, 2006
It has been awhile since I updated my blog. Lots of things has been going on lately for these past few weeks. My presentation on Social Support: AIDS is finally over and it looks like we did pretty well even though we started late. I guess the interview and the journal really helped us though some weren't agreeable with the article that we presented. It was a blessing in disguise that our journal was dated 10 years back... If it exceeds that time frame it certainly wouldn't be proof!

I just finished my biology practical today and I guess it was okay... the theory questions were tricky but I love the specimens! :P Anyway... I'll be only going for 2 hours of school tomorrow since there's only one lecture. I planned on going to White Sands to save my money in the bank, probably buy a CD and go to the library to do my research. Thought I'll be enjoying myself next week since most of the days I won't be having any school... but no.. I need to research for my Cross-Culture Psychology essay which is due next Friday! Lot's of things have to be done and completed before I could submerge myself into the holidays!

But I guess it's a good thing to have time out from all the stressors of life and just relax. Hopefully this Wednesday, I'll be watching Eragon with my cousins. Another movie ripped out from a bestselling book... but trust me, this movie is definitely better than the Harry Potter movies. The movie looks like it follows the sequence of the storyline based on the book itself!

Anyway... it feels good to be updating my blog again. I don't think I'll ever neglect it... it's really a channel for me to let it all out... well not entirely. I still like to be secretive...
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