Saturday, November 24, 2007
late response
I know, I know... I have not been updating my blog for quite some time now. Many things have happened these past few days.

1. Some idiot stole my phone which by the way has $0 value... so I'll laugh at that idiot's face! TOO BAD!!
2. Just finished my theory test and next week is my practical. Not to mention, I have two more tests the week after next! Can school get any worse!?
3. My brother just bought a 4GB Creative Zen! Good for him cause he needs one anyway. By the way, Creative earphones are damn good!!
4. My dear monkey has a boyfriend! Shock! And he's my age! Double shocker! I seriously need to get one soon! Just joking! Hehe
5. I seriously need to save money to get a new phone... aiming for that Nokia 6300 for now!!
6. I met this dude on Facebook and well I won't mind chatting with him online but talking on the phone... ummm not my idea! It kinds of freaks me out though!!
7. Don't be surprised but this auntie here has joined her own school's ADVENTURE RACE!! Quite excited really and scared at the same time! I'm up for the challenge though!!

Alright... that's all for today. Gotta ciao and study for my practical!! Cannot wait when it's the holidays!!

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Saturday, November 17, 2007
With Me

Once I heard this song on this Gossip Girl episode: Victor, Victrola, I knew that straight away that I should get this song! It's called With Me by Sum 41 and I thought it was from their previous albums but apparently it's their latest one! So... I personally have to thank Sudesh for sending it to me! I know I have thanked you many times but well.. Thank you again!!!
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OMG!!! I'm freaking excited right now! IT'S OFFICIAL!! Bella Swan from the bestselling series Twilight will be played by Kristen Stewart (above)!! YAY!! Though only one character is official, I can't wait to hear who plays Edward Cullen!! If you have seen her before, well Kristen acted along side Jodi Foster in Panic Room and well she's very experienced as she acted in different genres before and as what Stephenie says: "I'm very excited to have Kristen Stewart play Bella in the upcoming Twilight movie. She's an amazing actress with experience all across the board—action, horror, comedy, romance, and more. Since Twilight has moments that fit into every one of these genres, I'm thrilled to have a Bella who has practice with them all."

Can't wait!!!
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Friday, November 16, 2007
Blair Waldorf Must Pie
I know... that's a really funny title. Blair Waldorf Must Pie? Maybe it was supposed to be Die but I guess they want to make it funny or something. Anyway, this is the title for GG #9 and will not be showed next week rather on November 28 cos next weeks coincides with Thanksgiving and stuff... so yeah. Anyway in this episode things get heated up cos everyone knows right now that Blair slept with Chuck and interestingly... I think Jenny and Nate are having fun spraying water to each other. Childish much? Hehe. If you watch the video and stop at 0.12-0.13 seconds, you might hear Jenny shrieking and Nate spraying water on her... so does that means that there will be a J & N? Hmmm... let's wait and see...Just 2 more weeks to go!!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007
Blair, Chuck and me in a toilet!
Finally, the fear of being stuck in the toilet is over! I was shocked, scared, fearful of being in the toilet that I was locked in!! Stupid locker thingy! The first time it was faulty, it happened to my aunt and now me! But luckily I got my phone with me and I dialed my house number and my dad picked it up. And I told him that I was stuck in the toilet and maybe he thought I was joking that I had to repeat myself again. My mom was baffled on why I need a phone in the toilet. I told her that I need to time how long to keep the shampoo on my hair... medicinal purposes.. hehe :P Oh well... glad that's over!

Okay... so back to Blair and Chuck!! Eww!! Double ewww!! Triple ewww!! I can't believe they're like together!! OMG!! Uurrghh! Blair was supposed to be with Eric in the BOOKS but hello... CHUCK!!? HE WILL TURN GAY LATER WHO KEEPS A MONKEY AS A PET!! But Nate... poor Natie... had to sacrifice everything for his family but in the end who he's end up with? Jenny Humphrey! Whoopie!! At least the show is trying to follow the books!! Too bad next week there won't be any episode cos of Thanksgiving and stuff so it'll be back on the 28th!! Can't wait!

P.S. "You're nothing until you're talked about... xoxo Gossip Girl"

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
No... I'm not turning seventeen... it's Blair Waldorf! For the next episode of Gossip Girl anyway. Ohohohoh things are getting out of hand, secretes are unveiled and betrayal!!Can anyone say scandal? Surprisingly Blair + Chuck? Na-ah not for me!! I prefer Blair + Nate really and not Serena + Nate! Please!! Serena's just making the whole thing confusing! First she likes Nate. Then she doesn't then the next she likes him again! What's wrong with her!! I saw an episode of picture of both S + N together and I don't like it very much! Don't like it!! Anyway, below is the trailer for Seventeen Candles... B + N 4ever! LOL

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
P.S. I Love You, the first book ever written by the International Bestseller, Cecilia Ahern. Those who have not read this book or her other books before, please move your big asses and get one NOW! It's my second time reading it and I'm still enjoying every page of it! If it takes me numerous times to read it, I won't be bored. Ladies of romance are going to love it and expect some tear-jerking moments cos well... you'll hardly get a man who has passed on and leaving you notes of love and encouraging you to move on with your life. Well... for those who are too lazy to read, no worries, it'll be coming out in theaters. Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler will be starring in it so expect a very good movie! Though, it may not follow the same as the book, it'll still be enjoyable and tear-jerking as well. Below is the trailer and I think you'll love it!

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Apologise... such a strong word that not many can accept back. Hearing this song really affected me. I got addicted to it and straight away I knew that this should be one of my favourites. The video above is made by a fan of Gossip Girl and it shows the complicated relationship with two best friends, Serena and Blair and Nate, the third wheel... the guy who complicates everything. It's true anyway. It's too late to apologise when your BFF found out you had sex with her boyfriend after you came back from boarding school. Escaping from problems instead of fixing them? That's a bad route to take....


I'm holding on your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground
And I'm hearing what you say
But I just can't make a sound
You tell me that you need me
Then you go and cut me down
But wait...
You tell me that you're sorry
Didn't think I'd turn around and say..

That it's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late

I'd take another chance, take a fall, take a shot for you
And I need you like a heart needs a beat
(But that's nothing new)
Yeah yeah

I loved you with a fire red, now it's turning blue
And you say
Sorry like the Angel Heaven let me think was you,
But I'm afraid

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late
Woahooo woah

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, yeah yeah
I said it's too late to apologize, a yeah

I'm holding your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground...

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Friday, November 9, 2007
Victor, Victoria
Oh my god!! Gossip Girl is getting saucier, juicier, wilder and mysterious! The Jenny + Nate relationship is starting to happen, just like the book. But... Serena + Dan in a room? Ummm... okay. The worst of all Blair + Chuck!! I just hope it's a fling cos you know Chuck Bass... the guy who fools around with girls. Well as you expected, Blair and Nate are no more the Blair and Nate we knew off, sadly. However, the story not only focus more on the teenagers but their parents too! Scandalous, I'd say!

I really hope GG will continue it's full season of 22 episodes rather than 13 due to the Writer's Strike. It's only the 7th episode and 6 more to go till it ends. Please, we GG fans want more!! We beg of you!

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Thursday, November 8, 2007
Happy B'day Anisa... in 40 mins!
So in half an hour or more, my cousin, Anisa's turning Sweet 16!! You can finally watch NC-16 movies but I can watch M-18 movies! Muahaahah. Anyway, we cousins had FUN! We watched The Game Plan at Cathay Orchard and well Jija and I cried!! It was touching and I can't believe Anisa didn't cry! It was so emotional!! I had to blow my nose and it was pretty obvious that I cried! LOL And also some people behind me... heard sniffles.. hehe

So, after we watched the movie, went to LJS for lunch and Jija and I sneaked off to buy Anisa a slice of Oreo cheesecake from Secret Recipe. Then we searched Carrefour for a lighter but couldn't find one so we gave up and went back to LJS. Surprisingly, the fish wrap was pretty good! Love it!! Poor Anisa, she thought we were going to publicly announce her b'day but we didn't... we are sane people who are very paiseh to do that type of thing.. LOL. It was fun, spending time with my cousins especially Anisa. I hardly get to meet her cos she's in boarding school all the way in M'sia! I will only be able to see her when we're going off to Jakarta during the December holidays and this Sunday to have lunch at TGIF! YES! Life is GOOD!! =)

I had nothing better to do... hehe

My pretty cousin Jahiza... she really reminds me of an Indonesian actress...

Anisa... didn't know she likes promoting albums! =)

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007
does it describe me?
Hola! I'm in school right now, just finished my group meeting. Anyways, I received this e-mail and I think it sorts of describes my personality... in a way.

Does your name begin with: N
You are emotional and intense. When involved in a relationship, you Throw your entire being into it. Nothing stops you; there are no holds barred. You are all-consuming and crave someone who is equally passionate and intense. You believe in total freedom. You are willing to try anything and everything. Your supply of energy is inexhaustible. You want to be pampered and know how to pamper your mate. You also enjoy mothering your mate. You often have the greatest love affairs all by yourself, in your head. You are very imaginative.

Loves to chat
Loves those
who loves him
Loves to takes things at the centre
Attractive and suave
Inner and physical beauty
Does not lie or pretend
Treats friends importantly
Always making friends
Easily hurt but recovers easily
Bad tempered
Seldom helps unless asked
Very opinionated
Does not care of what others
Strong clairvoyance
Loves to travel, the arts and literature
Soft-spoken, loving and caring
Touchy and easily jealous
Loves outdoors
Just and fair
Spendthrift and easily influenced
Easily lose confidence


Turn ons

Libra needs peace and harmony in all their relationship so help them maintain that. Venus the ruling planet gives them beauty and they have weakness for people who can compliment them about their beauty (you will not have to make an effort to do that anyway). You can help Libra seek union and partnership in life. If you have Libra partner you can be sure to share
beautiful and pleasurable moments together.

Turn offs

Libra is kind and gentle soul but very argumentative. Hence do not start an argument or discussion unless of course you are free and do not know how to pass your time. They hate to lose and most probably in between of discussion they may change their side too (remember scales can tilt) and still continue arguing from other side. Do not push your Libra partner into making decisions. They will keep weighing pros and cons and may still not be able to come to any decision. Have patience!

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Sunday, November 4, 2007
something to ponder about...
I got this long quote from a fanfic story that I read from If I'm correct, it was a Cardcaptor Sakura fanfic story. It's just something to ponder about and tell me what you think about it! =)

"Don't be too fat: because then, well, you're fat, but don't be too skinny: because then you're anorexic. Don't be too smart: you're considered a nerd, but if you're too dumb: you're considered a bimbo. Don't be too confident: it means you're arrogant, but if you're too withdrawn: it means you're cold. Don't be too easy: then you're a slut, but don't be too chaste: because then you're frigid. I mean, it's RIDICULOUS! It's absolutely ridiculous! To be liked, you have to follow all that, and everyone wants to be liked... And after keeping track on all that, there's just... just no room to be... yourself."
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Lasagne... yumm
I missed Cik Mama's lasagne last night and I don't think she has any leftovers. I couldn't even come over to her open house because my brother invited his NTU hallmates over and the house was literally filled with 60 undergrads! The best thing so far, my dad brought a projector and white screen to fixed it in the living room so that the boys can watch soccer! The TV room is quite far to the living room but with my dad, anything can happen! It'll be really cool to watch a movie on the big screen plus the surround system! Coolness! =)

Finally, last night will be and I hope the last open house for us. It's really tiring especially for my mom cos she's the one cooking all the food and when I went down for breakfast today, all the tables that were used for the buffet table were kept where they were supposed to be and the furniture were put back. It'll be just a week more before Hari Raya finishes and then another celebration on the 20th of December for us. If ever my cousins are going over to Jakarta, I don't think I can make it cos both my parents will be busy working and I'll be stuck at home, probably studying. I can't wait for a vacation but thank god this Thursday we'll be going over to causeway to celebrate Anisa's birthday at TGIF!! Finally I get to see her again since she's in boarding school... can't wait! =P
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