Monday, January 29, 2007

I, have found out the cover for GOSSIP GIRL # 11: Don't You Forget About Me!! Don't you just love the title? It'll be coming out in June/July 2007!!

As for A-LIST fans.. do not fret cause I've also found out the latest cover to The A-List # 8: Heart Of Glass! It'll be coming out in August/September 2007!

It's time to save our money girls and spend on these two exciting novels!! Take care!!
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Sunday, January 28, 2007
Two more weeks till my exam then its attachement again... I really hope I could get a well-deserved break after that.

Anyway, early this morning, me and my parents woke up really early for a morning walk at Pasir Ris Park. It was the first time we did it after 11 years. Yup.. 11 years! We have the facilities but rarely use it.. how ironic. I suggested to them about it cause my mom has been worrying about her health after the visit from the doctor. It's not too late for her to start exercising and eating moderately. So.. we walked to the park and I wondered if we were able to see the sunrise but all hopes were gone when my mom told me that it has already risen. I guess because the sky was cloudy and the sun was no where to be seen but it was really windy.

We walked towards where the BBQ pits were and enjoyed the scenery. We saw quite a few men fishing near the shoreline and I thought to myself, they really must be fishing enthusiasts! We walked further down and there was this stray dog that looked like the one from "Annie" but skinnier. It was really cute but it was scaring me with that stare.. it creeped me out! We stopped at almost the end of Pasir Ris Park and only begin to realise that the shoreline extends to the other side. I asked my mom what's the land over the other side and she said that it's part of Punggol. PUNGGOL?! Man.. that's how small Singapore is. I wanted to follow the trail and go to the other side but my parents didn't want to as it started to drizzle. So we had to rush back home instead but on the way, my dad ran home first to get the car and picked us up instead.

This morning was great.. hopefully next weekend we'll be doing the same thing and make it a routine for the whole family! Okay... got to go. I have to do research for my bio presentation coming Thursday... Thank god that will be the last of the presentations!
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Friday, January 26, 2007
Oh My God!! Taufik's concert just now was definitely way better than Hady's!! Well.. we can't argue here cause Taufik's the 1st S'pore Idol and has two albums out. On the other hand, Hady was just named our 2nd S'pore Idol and has only released his solo album. But.. the response was way better than Hady's. When me and Liana went there at 5.30, the entrance to the auditorium was completely crowded!!

We waited for half and hour just to enter the auditorium and waited for a few more minutes before the show starts. When the auditorium went dim, everybody started cheering and shouting, and out came.... the emcee who dressed like Taufik - complete with the outfit and the shades! When he came out, everybody treated him like a star! Cameras were out, flashing themselves away while Taufik fans were screaming their hearts out! Me and Liana were laughing at how "stupid" they were!

Fortunately, it all ended with Carrie Chong and Miss Vendetta from 987 fm appearing on stage. They gave out a few tickets to the "ASEAN Rocks" concert that will be held at Hard Rock Cafe this weekend and finally, they introduced Taufik to the screaming fans. It was a grand entrance for him, with fans crowding over him while he moves on to the stage. He sang a few songs from his second album before stopping for a while to interact with the audience. It was quite embarassing to hear that those on stage did not know any songs from his second album but at least one die-hard fan sang a duet with him!!

After that brief interaction, he sang some accoustic version of his songs and some from famous artists around the world. Sadly, he didn't play the guitar but two of our very own NYP students played it while he sang. He sang songs from Ne-yo - So Sick and Justin Timberlake - My Love and he stated that the latter has given him the inspiration to sing and write songs. He also sang One Last and I Dream from his last album and Usah Lepaskan which was one of his Malay songs. He then ended his concert with his latest single, All Because Of You which was a great ending!

Everyone was happy and contented with the concert that he gave. More songs than Hady and definitely more "oommph"! LOL. Well.. hopefully next year there'll be more concerts in NYP! I'll be crossing for fingers for luck!
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Thursday, January 25, 2007
Today is the first day of NYP open house and I'm already pumped. I still have two more days to go. I'm involved in my CCA which is the Mentoring Club, and we joined forces with other 4 clubs that promotes leadership and community service. It was really great getting to know some of the volunteers and it isn't surprising that the members in the Community Service Club are from SHS - Nursing! Well.. that shows how compassionate we can be.. haha

Anyway.. it's really annoying to find people not really working their butts off and attract people to come over our booth. It's really not worth it guys if you're not willing to help and still get your CCA points. That's really selfish.. and the worst of all.. you complaining to your leader of the club is just plain childish! It was up to you guys to help around and have the initiative to ask us rather than sitting down, not wearing the open house t-shirt AND dismantling the display items on the table!! Furthermore, the look on your face just shows me that you're just plain NOT INTERESTED! So.. let me ask you this question.. why come and waste your precious time?!! Sheesh.. I'm really fed up about this!!

BUT... on a happy note.. I got to watch Hady Mirza live today! I was dissappointed when they were giving tickets to secondary school students but when my friend came over with a bunch of tickets in her hands, I was excited! They're giving it free to NYP students!! I then took two, for me and my friend, Liana. When we were queing to enter the auditorium, we were still contemplating whether should we go to the concert or not. As you can see, we were not really die hard Hady fans.. we just wanna experience it and feels how it was like. Liana on the other hand just want to see the audience's reaction when Hady comes out.

OMG!! The worst of all was this guy beside me from SEG (School of Engineering). HE JUST CAN'T STOP TALKING!!. I certainly have never met that type of guy before and it just freaks me out!! How can a guy talk so much.. I thought girls are champions in that!! Thank god he stopped after Hady came out BUT his screams are just as annoying as his chatter!

Hady's concert was alright but it wasn't the feel good type. We thought it'll finish around 8 but instead an hour earlier. We thought he'll sing more songs but he sang only two - Ordinary People and You Give Me Wings. AND we get to sing him a birthday song since he's turning 27 this coming weekend.. so I guess that was great! Anyway.. me and Liana would like to go to Taufik's concert tomorrow and we'll decide who performs the best - Hady or Taufik!
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Sunday, January 21, 2007
Is it just me or am I a late bloomer or just not ready? I'm quite envious.. and let me emphasise QUITE envious seeing my cousins or friends having someone there beside them. But when I think about it over again, it's not worth it having one when you're still studying and still have to learn a lot more about LIFE. You may say that I'm a mummy's girl, listening to her advices like "Now it's not the time to think about boyfriends. Study hard and get a stable job first then you can think about that later."

She has been gruelling me and my brother with these advices since we were growing up to be a responsible adult. I guess it's true in a way.. Having one now will get me distracted in my studies, and I won't be able to think straight. I have experienced this quite a while back and it's scary to think about it... seeing that it really got me distracted that I couldn't even concentrate on what I'm doing. I haven't met him face to face but it was just through exchanges of e-mail and look at how it became. I've been trying to avoid him cause reality has hit me in the face and what my mother said is true.

I'm still single and will always be until I've reached a certain age and am ready. I know people say that having one at a young age will gain you the experience when you're older but I think otherwise. I don't care if I have one when I've just turned 21, mid-twenties or whatever, it's all up to the Almighty to choose the right man for me that will love and appreciate me for who I am. Patience is a good virtue.. that's all I have to say...

Anyway.. on a lighter note.. there's a video on Hilary Duff's new perfume called With Love... Hilary Duff. I can't wait till it comes to our shores.. Enjoy!

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Saturday, January 20, 2007
Finally, my attachments are over!! The past 3 weeks, I was working at TTSH and frannkly speaking, it was way better than my previous one! The nurses there are helpful and caring rather than the other ward... In all, it just makes my attachment lively and engaging!

Anyway.. I haven't been updating but here I am! It's so great to relax now since I won't be working anymore but darn.. school's starting for me this coming Monday!! Lots of projects and presentations to finish!! Thank god I have finished reading Jodi Picoult's latest novel - The Tenth Circle. As you can see, I can't get enough of Jodi, Stephenie, Cecily and Zoey. I'm a fan! LOL.

The Tenth Circle is about a stay-at home father and his 14 year old daughter. Daniel Stone, an avid comic book artist had a horrific past when he was in Alaska and was treated as an outkast. When he started a family with Laura and had a daughter, Trixie, he hid about his past and only reveal it through his drawing. But everything changed when 14 year-old Trixie was date raped at a party and Daniel tried his very best to protect his daughter. Beginning to feel his rage and his past flowing out from him, he began to draw as his alter-ego - part man, part beast and illustrated on how he started to go through the ten circles of hell to rescue his daughter who was kidnapped by the devil. The Tenth Circle will bring you to the modern doors of the high school and the vast tundra of Alaska. Apart from that, this is the only book that has comic illustrations draw in between chapters to let readers feel about Daniel's fear about himself and his daughter. Furthermore, I would like to give some excerpts from the book that just felt real to me and gave me the goosebumps.

"She crouched in the tub and let the water sluice over her. She cried great, damp, gray sobs that no one could hear over the roar of the plumbing, and she carved at her arm - not to kill herself, because she didn't deserve such an easy way out - just to release some of the pain before it exploded inside her. She cut three lines and a circle, inside the crook of her elbow:
Blood swirled pink between her feet. She looked down at her tatoo. Then she lifted the blade and slashed hatch marks through the letters, a grid of gashes, until not even Trixie could remember what she'd been trying to say."

This was when Trixie was date raped by her ex-boyfriend Jason, who committed suicide when he was found guilty of raping her. She broke down when she heard the news and started to cut herself.

"Trixie wished she could round up the kids in this building and save them, like Holden Caulfield in the last book she'd read for English. Reality check, she would say. Santa's a phony. Your parents lied to you.
And, she might add, they'll do it again. Her own parents had said she was beautiful, when in fact she was all angles and bowlegs. They'd promised that she's find her Prince Charming but he'd dumped Trixie. They said if she came home by her curfew and picked up her room and held up her end of the bargain, they's keep her safe - yet look at what had happened."

This was when she ran away from home because the detective say that she was guilty of killing Jason and this came up about her parents not being there and protecting her when the raped happened.

In all, The Tenth Circle is a must read book that focuses on teenagers and their parents nowadays. You will not feel bored and Jodi has actually made it interesting by asking the readers to figure out the hidden message behind Daniel Stone's drawings... Go check it out!!

Disclaimer: The excerpts above are solely owned by Jodi Picoult and not by me.
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Saturday, January 6, 2007
Okay.. so I haven't been updating my blog for quite some time since I came back from Jakarta. I've been really busy with my attachments that started on the 3rd. But anyway, here I am. These past three days I'm dead tired with my attachments. My legs are aching and the solution? Elevate my legs while I sleep.. it really helps or the consequences will be venous veins which are not a pretty sight.

Anyway.. the Jakarta trip was great. I didn't go there just to have a break but too commemorate Hari Raya Haji - Indonesian style. My uncle lives in Jakarta with my aunt and cousin, Mariana. We spend few of our days in Jakarta then proceed on to Bandung later on. My uncle has a villa in Lembang which is part of Bandung. Since it was on a mountain, it was really chilly especially at night.

On Hari Raya Haji itself, we slaughtered 5 goats and 1 cow that were specially bought for that day. That was the first time I witnessed a "korban" happening. You can't really get to see it here in Singapore but being there watching it, just made Hari Raya Haji special. It just made it more meaningful to me as to why we commemorate that day. After slaughtering the goats and cow, we distribute it to the villagers below and kept some meat for ourselves too.

That day was really memorable and my says, if God wills, we could go there again for the next Hari Raya Haji and this time she would like to get a cow as they provide more meat than goats. Since a cow cost 7 million rupiah, I would have to save 1 million rupiah which is equivalent to S$200 and if my cousins are up to it and save S$200 each, we probably could get one!

Okay.. I guess I'll have to go. I'm feeling drowsy after taking my flu tablet that the doc. gave me.. later!
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