Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Another round of amazing videos!
My god! These people are just amazing! They really took my breath away while others makes me laugh. You gotta watch it to believe it!

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Britain's Got Talent
Well.. I don't know whether you guys have watched the show or even know about it. I only knew about it a few seconds ago. My cousin who's in Dubai right now IMed me the links to these two amazing, incredible videos. One's going to make you laugh like hell and the other one's just remarkable. No words can express it and heck, maybe shed a few tears like I did. It's really amazing! So go watch it!

Britain's Got Talent- Michael Jackson Singing Monkey - More bloopers are a click away

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Sunday, June 17, 2007
HSM 2: What Time Is It?
Hey all! As you know High School Musical or aka HSM was a great success and now there's HSM 2 on the way! Heard that it'll be on Disney Channel this September! If you haven't heard, in HSM 2, Sharpay's (Ashley Tisdale) out for revenge against Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) fo stealing the limelight from her and it involves Troy (Zac Effron) in it! Hmmm... no one should really go on Sharpay's bad side. On a happy note, I've found one of the soundtracks to HSM 2 on YouTube! Enjoy!

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Friday, June 15, 2007
Enrique's Back!!
Enrique Iglesias is back with his newest single Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song). Forget about why is it a ping pong song. The most important thing is the music and the song and my god.. the song's addictive! I just love the beats and the rhythm! It makes me want to dance whenever I hear it! To top it off, the music video's looking cool and flaming HOT!! *meow* He's making me melt inside and out! However, the best song he sang so far gotta be HERO.. I love that song!! It made me shed a tear. Well hopefully he does well with his latest album though I'm not really a fan of him. :)

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Thursday, June 14, 2007
Hmmmm... a survey?
This is a survey that I copied from my cousin's blog. Jahiza.. hope you don't mind! Seems THRILLING! LOL

Starting Time: 22:01

Name: Nasyita

Sisters: None

Brothers: 1

Shoe size: 7 1/2

Height: 1.6m

what are u wearing?
; a t-shirt and track pants

Favorite Number: 7, 19

Favorite Poison: Ribena, Cranberry Juice

Favorite Month: June, October, December

Favorite Breakfast: Toast bread with ham and cheese!

***********Have You Ever*****************

Broken a bone:
;sadly nope! :P

Been in a police car:

Been on a boat?
; yup

Came close to dying:
; yeah... the plane had a very bad turbulance

Swam in the ocean:
; yup.. but for a few second cos i'm afraid of sharks!! LOL

Fallen asleep in school:

Broken someone's heart:
; yeah

Cried when someone died:
; of course!!

Fell off your chair:
; yes.. really embarrasing though especially in primary school

Sat by the phone all night waiting for
someone to call:
; nope

saved emails?:
; never

Been cheated on:
; nope

***********What is-****************

Your room like?
; light purple walls, white furniture everywhere and a very messy table! :P. It's a very huge room and I get myself scared sometimes when I'm alone... T_T

Whats right beside you?
; my window

What is the last thing you ate?
; hmmm... gold rush from Swensen's!

-------Ever Had------

Chicken pox:
; yup.. when I was in kindergarten

Sore throat:
;yeah... the worst I had was in 2005.. I had an ulcer at the back of my throat!! Damn painful!

; nope!

Broken nose:
; hope not.. hehe

--------Do You---------

Like picnics?
; yup!

Like School?
; yeah... nothing to comment though hehe


Who was the last person you danced with?
; that's a secret ;)

Who makes you smile?
; my big family and my cats!!


Did you last yell at:
; my cousin.. can be annoying sometimes

Do you like yourself?:
; YES!

-------Final Questions-----

What are you listening to right now?
; Throw It Away by Delta Goodrem

Hated someone in your family?

What car do you wish to have?
; a VOLVO! I'm so in love with Edward from TWILIGHT!! LOL

Good singer:
; I admit I ain't one but I love to sing! haha

Diamond or pearl?
; can I choose both? hehe

Indoors or outdoors:

Today did you..

1. Talk to someone you like?
; nope

3. Get sick?
; nope

4. Sing:
; yup! There You'll Be by Faith Hill

5. Talked to an ex:

6. Miss someone:
; yes... every single day.

-Last person who-

7. Was in your bed besides you:
;my angel-winged teddy!

8. Talked to on the phone?
; my dad when he's only a level below me.. haha

9. Made you cry?
; a very, very sad story

10. Went to the movies with?
; my cousins and my aunt. Watched Shrek 3

11. You went to the mall with:
; smae ppl above.

12.Been to Europe:
; yup! London and Paris when I was really small... I wanna go there again!!

13. Been to Asia:
; I'm living in Asia and I've been Malaysia and Indonesia

14.been to Russia:
; I would love to go there but winter over there is freezingly cold!!

15.Been to the Bahamas:
; Would love to!! Beautiful beaches!!

18. Been to Mexico:
; nope

19. Been to Canada:
; nope

20. Been to Africa:
; nope


21. Do you like someone at the moment:
; hmmm... not exactly

22. What books are you reading right
; Second Glance by Jodi Picoult

23. Best feeling in the world:
; feeling happy and elated about anything

24. Future kids names:
; hmm... Ilham, Armand, Natasha haha

25. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal:
; YES!! haha.. my angel-winged teddy! though I will always throw her off... hehe

Time Finished: 22:19
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Pirates.. when can I see you?
Oh man.. I wanna watch Pirates but didn't get to today. Instead, I watched Ocean's 13 with my two cousins, Adnan and Hidhir. It was ok, funny as usual and I think a good way to end of the Ocean's trilogy.

But on the good end, we bought a Sony W-100 Cybershot camera. I was eyeing the T series but the W-100 camera had an offer - a 1GB memory stick, a camera bag and a free printer! I was quite surprised with the price cos my dad gave me and my bro a budget of $600. The camera itself costs $699 and I was doubly surprised that my mom said that she won't mind getting it and paying the extra $99. We finally got a digital camera!! Sadly, I won't be able to use it cos my bro will bring it to his camp during his 2 weeks of reservice. I wanna take pictures and upload it NOW!! LOL...
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Monday, June 11, 2007
Tired But Damn Satisfied
I just came back from my 2 days and 1 night trip from Desaru Pulai Perdana. It was fun but tiring especially with the long drive. Me and my family including my aunts, uncles and cousins left the resort at 1.30pm and travelled back to JB. If we have the time, we could go to Jusco Tebrau City to have dinner at Itallianes or Manhattan Fish Market but my bro had to be in his uni. hall by 9pm for a meeting. So instead of eating something simple or not eating at all, we went to T.G.I.F or Friday's as they call it. I had the "World's Famous Friday's Burger" and damn was it big and huge. The burger can't be compared to Mc, BK or even Hotshots that I ate in Jakarta. It was big, juicy and just plain delicious. If only I didn't eat too much of the appetizers, I could have finished the burger. I did finish it eventually, but my brother, my cousin and my auntie helped out a bit. :P

But nope, our dinner didn't stop there. We had desserts - Friday's cheescake, muffin with ice-cream and a sundae. Being the big eaters that we are, we shared all the food together. But the best of it all was the surprise belated birthday celebration for my mom. This was her second surprise cos on Friday, me and my bro called her sisters over and "surprised" her but my dad blew it off. Anyway, the waiters in Fridays sang her their own rendition of a b'day song and it was great! My aunt said that the best place to celebrate your b'day has to be Fridays. I second that! LOL. They gave my mom a cake with a candle on it and she tried to blow it but it rekindled back again. I tried to help my mom but I can't stop laughing... it was the trick candle where you blow but it will not be extinguished. In the end, my dad poured a drop of ice lemon tea on it.

To me Malaysia is the best place to eat all the Western food cause it's halal. The restaturants that ain't halal in S'pore are halal in M'sia. They have Chili's which is delicious, Marche (is that how u spell it?), Fridays and so much more. Too bad that Subway's closed down cause I really want to taste the sandwhiches!! Another good place to eat is Jakarta!! We can eat all types of food there, be it American, British or whatsoever!! I wanna go back to KL and eat there again and of course to shop!! If there's a chance for me though... :)
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Tuesday, June 5, 2007
Finally, my burden is lifted off my shoulders!! I pass my clinical re-test!! I failed the first time due to THE BULL but i passed the second one and I think I did well!! I'm SO HAPPY!! :)). I realise that it's no use being stressed out before an exam. It's better to laugh with friends on stupid jokes! It really helps you to relax for a while and it clears your mind when you enter the exam hall!! Well.. that's what friends are for!!

Anyway, today I watched the second part of the movie IDENTITY during my Abnormal Psychology lecture and I find it less scary and horrifying than the first part. The end was really a big surprise and shocking!! How can a little boy murder the adults?! The movie is about a person suffering from DID - Disassociative Identity Disorder and he was charged with murder. DID is a disorder that affects the person in a way that he thinks that he is this person. For example, he said that his name is Edward eventhough his real name is Malcolm Rivers and he said that he is a cop which he isn't in real life. And scaringly enough, Malcolm did not have one personality, he had 10!! They were:

1. Edward - driver to Caroline and ex-policeman
2. Paris - a prostitute
3. Timmy - a young boy
4. Alice - Timmy's mother
5. George - Timmy's father
6. Rhodes - a policeman who is actually a prisoner
7. Ginny - a girl who just got married with her boyfriend
8. Lou - Ginny's husband
9. Robert - prisoner and apprentice of Rhodes
10. Caroline - actress

And one by one, each of them died and one of the characters was the murderer. Just imagine going through each personailty and you imagining it and the murderer is still taking control of your body!? The end was a bit of a cliff-hanger and most of us hope that there will be a second Identity movie though. Well.. anyway.. I hope it stops there cause I can't bear to watch thriller movies! I'm just too faint hearted to watch!! But hey, at least I didn't scream!! LOL
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