Monday, April 21, 2008
Meet the Twilight Characters
Once I've read that MTV news has a new video about the Twilight movie, I knew that I had to watch it and boy did it make me squeal and made my heart beat a million times faster. Just a warning, the video below contains spoilers, and if you're someone like me who don't give a crap about spoilers, enjoy and scream your hearts out... like I did! =)

Watching behind-the-scenes of all the scenes has made me hyperventilate and I really can't wait for December 12!! I literally screamed when the scene where Edward kissed Bella on the forehead. If you guys remember, that's the hospital scene after Bella got attacked by James and Edward was reluctant to kiss her again cos well the heart monitor went flat due to Bella's inability to calm herself... hehe.

Anyway, if you really would like the movie to come out here in Asia the same time with the West, please do sign the petition below! Cheers!
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Sunday, April 20, 2008
twilight hand campaign and twilight movie petition
TWILIGHTERS in Asia, join this campaign and let our voices or palms to be exact be heard!! Originally created by redlotusflower from deviantART, this campaign is for us Twilighters to write ":. the twilight hour:." on our palm until the 4th Twilight book (Breaking Dawn) comes out. If you would like to join, proceed to the link below and see how the response goes!

Here's the picture as a guide:

Secondly! We certainly would love to watch Twilight the movie together with fans from the States right? If you're one of those fans (like me... hehe), please join the petition and hopefully Summit Entertainment would have an International release of the movie and all of us Twilighters can watch it on December 12 together!!

Please do proceed to the link below:
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008
no air... OMFG
It's back to school for me and being in 3rd year is getting to me. I've had lectures and tutorials on my final year nursing project plus add in multiple ICAs. And after the first semester is done, I'll be away on attachment for the next semester which includes PRCP for 12 weeks straight which I'll be preparing myself for the working force.

Anyway, let's de-tense myself and start talking about the happy moments! =)
As you might have noticed, I've changed my music again and this time it's by Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown. Lots of you might say that the music was like so popular eons ago but well you know... I'm not the up-to date kind of person. =P

However, I chose this song because it's meaningful in a way to me. I've finished reading New Moon by Stephenie Meyer (the second book of the popular Twilight saga) and well in New Moon, Bella was depressed because of Edward's leaving. Well, while I was reading the book, the song No Air came up on my mp3 and I was like "OMG! The song totally fits Bella's perspective!" So after listening to it once, I replay it and listen intently to the lyrics and I was almost squealing with joy.... in my head... literally LOL. The song totally fits!! And from then on, I keep playing the song first whenever I on my CREATIVE Zen. Obsessed much? Hehe

Try 110% obsessed when you keep watching the same video, over and over again! I can't help myself! Robert looks great as Edward especially when he has those gorgeous fake topaz eyes on!! Which girl wouldn't squeal when you see your the guy of your dreams on the big screen, dazzling both the lead female (Kristen) and you at the same time?!

OK... let's drift away from Twilight and let's move on to the next best thing... Gossip Girl. The CW has been promoting the new upcoming episodes with OMFG!! Love the caption and gotta love the racy scenes that they put together for the promo! Just look at the picture below!

Provocative much?! Well... want more of it? Watch the videos below and trust me, after watching them, you can't seem to wait for the new episode to arrive. BTW, the new episode 14 will be called "The Blair Bitch Project". Gotta love the cat-fights and of course Blair Cornelia Waldorf!

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Saturday, April 12, 2008
"I don't know - They've got brooms!"
From the beginning of the casting of Twilight to the filming stages, MTV news has religiously gave us fans interviews and even behind the scenes of the set.

This time, MTV has done it again and they really make us fans anticipating with excitement for the movie to come out! Watching the TWILIGHT characters coming to live is phenomenal! I just can't wait! And the movie's set to be released 2 weeks after Harry Potter and well, let's see which one hits the #1 box-office first! Here's the video which I kept watching over and over again! Enjoy!!

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Friday, April 11, 2008
prom night
A new horror and thriller movie's coming out soon here in Singapore on 24th April and I think I would like to watch it! Yes! A shocking discovery! I, Nasyita would finally like to watch a horror/thriller movie for once without forcing me to!

You might wanna ask what's with the sudden interest? Well, firstly, the movie looks really good. Brittany Murphy and Kellan Lutz is in it. You might wonder who Kellan is right? Well he'll be playing Emmet Cullen in Twilight and I thought I'd see how he is though I know he really is HOT!

Okay... well I guess I can't wait till Prom Night comes out! Here's the trailer if you're interested. Enjoy like I did... hehe.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008
new westlife singles
Here I am, surfing the net while watching MTV and there in front of me, the new Westlife video - Something Right was showing. I'm really in awe cos Westlife has been one of the longest boybands ever and I'm probably going to buy their new album Back Home, together with Leona Lewis's and Prince & Me soundtrack... hopefully it's still selling. Luke Mably is HOT as Prince Edvard!! Heehee... I still have my teenage antics... I know haha.

Anyway, I have 3 new music videos from Westlife. One's Home, the second is Something Right and the last one is Us Against The World which Nicky said that it might be the biggest single!

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Exclusive: TWILIGHT!
I'm re-reading the Twilight series New Moon and still can't get over the fact that Twilight is being made into a movie!! Entertainment Tonight has an exclusive behind the scenes of the movie and I'm already jumping on my seat! The dance room scene is one of the crucial scenes in the book and I'm already loving it and not to mention the crash scene too!! Remarkable! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson looks like the perfect Bella Swan and Edward Cullen!! Love them!! Here's the link tothe ET video and I can't help to giggle that Harry Potter was pushed down from the number one spot to number nine!
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Sunday, April 6, 2008
the prince and me
I'm known as the outdated one in my family and yes I have to admit that they're right. Tonight was my first night watching the full-length movie of "The Prince and Me" on StarWorld. I remembered not caring about the movie when it first came out in 2004. I thought it'll be like a copy of "The Princess Diaries: The Movie" but I'm wrong. It's totally original and a true chic-flick!

A few weeks ago, I watched the sequel on StarMovies but it was almost at the end so I didn't really get the gist of the story but I know what it's all about. By the way, the actor who replaced Julia Stiles is *vomit in toilet bowl*... you get my gist. So after watching it, I told myself that I seriously have to watch the original but it took me till today to watch it... busy with work and stuff... I know... I'm always giving excuses.

Anyway, I was thinking of watching The Prince and Me online tomorrow but I was super ecstatic when I browse through the movie guide when it'll be showing after Oprah at 8pm! Being a chick-flick junkie, I had to watch and I really, really love it! It was so touching, romantic and super awwwhh!! I like Prince Edvard! He's cute!! Tee-hee....

I love how the story flows but felt that Julia was a bit stiff though but I still love her! She was great in Save The Last Dance and Mona Lisa Smile. Gotta love that movie!

Okay before I end off, I would like to end it with a quote that I love from the movie. Adios!

"The sun itself sees not until heaven clears"
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