Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Gossip Girl promos
It's been awhile since I've visited Gossip Girl Report - a site for GG fans to get their daily news about GG stars and the upcoming new season - and now I can't wait for Season 2 to air!! They've posted GG promos of each characters - Nate, Serena, Blair and Chuck! Firstly, this is a promo of the 2nd season which I don't like in the end. (Nate and Serena together?! Eugh!)





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Friday, July 18, 2008
I was almost late for school today just because of the new Twilight trailer that Yahoo Movies posted, courtesy from Summit Entertainment!! When I saw that the new Twilight trailer was out, I told myself I had to see it and post in on Twilight Singapore. And well I had trouble embedding it so I tried Google videos and alas! I found it and it was a great thing that it's a YouTube link! Quickly, embed it on the blog and watched the trailer again!

I'm still watching the trailer and am really pleased with it! It'll be a great movie and it'll follow the sequence of events that happens in the book. So without further ado, here's Twilight trailer no. 2!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
New Twilight Trailer!!
One test down , two to go!! I can't wait till it's all over, get Breaking Dawn and then get my exams over and done with!!

I came back from school today and logged in to Twilight Singapore which caused me to hyperventilate that I couldn't even type correctly!! THE NEW TWILIGHT TRAILER #2 IS OUT!! When I saw the new Twilight scenes, I was shouting "OH MY GOD" the whole way, stamping my feet and screaming till there's no tomorrow. Summit Entertainment really followed the book closely which I LOVE!! I really can't wait for the movie to come out! And the most shocking part is, Channel 5 showed the Twilight Trailer this evening on ET!! I shouldn't have gone straight to the bathroom after I came back from school!! :(

Anyway, I've checked the airing of ET again and it'll be on Channel 5 at one in the morning. I'm so going to wake up to watch the trailer on TV. I'm an obsessed Twilight fan!! Here's the trailer if you can't wake up later at one.

Okay, I have to sleep now and wake up later. It's almost like waking up to watch a LIVE football match! LOL
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
It's Twilight Tuesday!!
Ok seriously, I'm having a test tomorrow and WTH am I doing blogging?! Anyway, it's Twilight Tuesday!! Head over to Twilight Singapore to know more!! *wink* *wink* =)

It's been one hell of a week. A new week, more tests and the days are getting shorter to exams, internships and graduation. It has always been on my mind that when I start working, I'll be 19 and one more year to go and I'll be 20. The big 2-0!! Life is short. Anyway, I'm kinda hating my neighbour right now. They kept me awake throughout Friday night till Saturday morning. For those who are thinking dirty thoughts, sheesh I won't stoop that low. =P

It can be really f***ing irritating when your neighbours start to sing, shout and scream throughout the night, not even respecting the other neighbours!! They were not on high but at least they could be considerate enough to just shut the hell up and go to sleep!! They're just super annoying and especially blaming my cats for peeing in their home when in the first place my cats are either too lazy to leave home (as he's super fat and super lazy) or too scared to leave home as she'll rush in the house when a car zooms by.

Anyway, enough about them. I went to my aunt's place over the weekend to celebrate my little cousin's 2nd birthday and she's super cute!! Little Safia Aaqilah

Here's a picture of us cousins with the birthday girl!

And these are just some random pictures that we cousins took with each other.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008
Spunk Ransom Truth
I've got to admit, SmokeyFizz, they're the best video makers out there and I absolutely love them! They've been making videos using clips from Harry Potter, 300, Star Wars and even Twilight! Today, I have a video made by them and it's related to Twilight. Previously, I've posted an entry about their spoof of the exclusive Twilight scene - James Truth. If you have not watched it, you could watch it here.

Anyway, this new video that they made is a spoof or a "parody" that they did of Spunk Ransom or commonly known as Robert Pattinson. Yes I know. Spunk Ransom? Apparently, when Larry Carroll (gotta love him!) interviewed Robert during one of the MTV Twilight Tuesdays, he asked Robert what did he think of the Twilight fans calling him "R Pattz". He replied, saying that he hate his name and would prefer something cooler like Spunk Ransom. Weird eh? I know. I'd still prefer Robert Pattinson though.

Ok, back to topic, watch the video and laugh your head off (like I did). If you're still going "WHAT?", watch James Truth and you'll understand! =)

On the meantime, enjoy the video!

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Sunday, July 6, 2008
it's a boy girl thing
When I heard from my brother that "It's A Boy Girl Thing" is showing here in Singapore, I was shocked! I have actually watched the full movie on Star Movies and only now, they're showing it! I didn't believe my brother at first and thought it might be a remake or something. But when I heard Shan and Ross from 987fm named the actors I was like "what?!". They're the exact same actors!!

Hmmm... Singapore released the movie quite late and I think I know why. I've seen the movie and there were parts that were cut and it's not surprising that it's rated NC-16. The movie's funny by the way and it was super hilarious seeing the actor portraying a girl. I wonder how he'd felt portraying a female. If you guys are still wondering what I'm babbling about, think Freaky Friday but with a girl inside a guy and vice versa. It's really hilarious and I would really recommend it! Furthermore, there's a happy ending and you know what happens.

Anyway, I have a test coming up next week and I'm still not in a study mood! I really, really have to change my lifestyle now. Alright, I think that's all I can say for today. I'm actually forcing myself to write and now I have to eat my dinner. Ciao
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008
I am what you call obsessed. Can you believe it that I actually bought Twilight again? Well here's the difference:

This was the cover of Twilight when I first bought it early 2006. Twilight wasn't popular then...

It wasn't "attractive" at all and when I first saw this cover that I was hesitant in buying Twilight. However, I bought it because of its synopsis. =)

And now, I've bought Twilight again but this time with the famous red apple.

See the difference? The cover of the book is really important and I prefer this cover which is the original cover of Twilight. Since I bought it again, I've been reading Twilight for the fourth time and I'm still not bored with it.

I'm starting to like novels by Melissa Nathan. Although, her endings might be too abrupt and short and you kind of want more from it but its the content of the story that makes it interesting. I guess Melissa wanted us readers to use our imagination and create a detailed happy ending for her characters even after we've finished reading the last sentence. Her novels are such a reading pleasure that you won't be able to put it down! =)
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