Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Finally... after so much convincing, Anisa has gave in and read the book that I have asked her to read! TWILIGHT by STEPHENIE MEYER!! And now, she's reading the sequel to it, NEW MOON!! I know you like it Anisa! The third book will be called ECLIPSE and it'll be out fall next year. The fourth book which I read from Stephenine's website will be called BREAKING DAWN and I can't wait!!

Anyway, there is this movie that I really want to watch and it is THE COVENANT. I got to know it when I was in the theatre with my friend and it just looks so good!! Well... I guess because of the hot guys!! There was this guy from the trio who caught my eye and I thought to myself, "He could be a good Edward Cullen... and a tasty one too!!" LOL... I know... I'm like that! HAHAHA. Alright.. so being the good soul here (feh... yeah right) I thought I would like to show you guys the trailer to this movie... and see what I meant!! Enjoy!

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Saturday, October 28, 2006
I feel so refreshed after my good, cold long bath... at 12 midnight!! It's uncalled for a girl to bath at this time of hour... though I have my reasons... LOL

My brother's hall mates came over just now for a Hari Raya gathering. Imagine more then 60 people crowding your living room, dining area and your back garden... and you're stuck at the kitchen cleaning the plates... haha. But I have to say it was interesting with a certain eye-candy... hehe. OMG Nasyita... you're still eyeing ang moh guys aren't you? Well... I can't help myself... hehe. He comes from Switzerland and oooo... good looking too!! Alright!! I'll shut my mouth up!!

ANYWAY.... my mom sorta surprised my brother with a big, humungous, gigantic, rectangular, chocolate coating cake... for his birthday. His birthday's not until Monday but hey... since he won't be home on a weekday, why not celebrate today with his friends? Well... everything went well and the food that my mom made was DELICIOUS!! The satay, the mutton broth, the briyani rice... need I say more? Hahaha. Okay... it is definitely past midnight and in a minutes time, it'll be one in the morning. I'll need my beauty sleep... byez!!
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Sunday, October 22, 2006
I've been having the jitters after reading Twilight and New Moon. It's the after effects of reading the books that gets me. Secondly, after knowing that Twilight may be made into a movie, I've been contemplating which actors should play the characters and I have found quite a few for the male and female lead roles only.

Firstly, Bella Swan... I have two actually. It was really hard to decide because Bella isn't any ordinary girl. She's really pale, has thick lips (not the one like Angelina Jolie though), lips that are not too thin or too big... haha. Has brown eyes and hair. The first candidate which is Stephenie's favourite too is Emily Browning from the Lemony Snicket movie.

Another actor that I really like is Danielle Panabaker. She acted in various Disney movies like Read It And Weep which was shown in Disney Channel this month and Mom At Sixteen which was shown on Hallmark Channel.

Okay... so these are the two actors that I really like as Bella. As for Edward Cullen, the oh-so irresistable and hot vampire, there were a few choices. The first choice which Stephenie also like is Henry Cavill who acted in The Count Of Monte Cristo.

Another choice is Trent Ford. At first he wasn't even in my mind but when I watched Deeply on Channel 5 yesterday, I just kept on thinking that he would play a good Edward - with the hairstyle and look since Edward was born in the early 20th century.

The last Edward choice for me is the guy who was in Evenescence music video - Call Me When You're Sober. His name? Oliver Goodwill...

Okay... well he doesn't really look the part but well... I just can't resist him!! LOL Well... these are the actors that will suit playing Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. And hopefully, they will be making Twilight into a movie... it'll be the best ever!! :P
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Saturday, October 21, 2006
I have been 17 for the past 2 days and yet I don't feel like one. I feel as though I'm in my sixteens... no.. I don't feel as though I'm growing any older! LOL. I was surprised by the response that I got. I told them that I am 17 and people were shocked!

This is the first response I received.

Person X : "17!!"
Me: "Yes."
Person X: (pauses for a while, looking at me bewildered)
Me: "What's wrong?"
Person X: "I thought you're turning 14 or 15!"

I was very shocked when I heard that... do I look that young and people may mistake as a Sec.2/3 student? WOW! Being young for your age is a major compliment but imagine if you want to watch a NC-16 movie and you forgot to remember your I/C... you know the rest. It'll be utterly embarassing convincing the people that you're older!!

Alright, the second response that I got was :-

Person Y: "How old are you today?"
Me: :"I'm 17"
Person Y: "Wow,really! I thought you'll be older!"
Me:"Older? Why is that?"
Person Y: "You act mature for your age!"
Me: "Oh... okay"

Now... as you can see, I'm doubly surprised and astonished to hear from someone that I act mature for my age... that was a big shocker! Others will be flattered by the compliment but not me... in a way. I feel as though I'm not matured for my age... don't ask me why for the reasons... I just do!

Okay... being 17 is cool cos you're getting a year older and you'll only have 4 more years till your freedo, adulthood!! But I feel that this is the age where you will start being a responsible young adult and know your priorities! Now, I feel that I'm thinking like an adult because there was once where I wanted to buy something but I debated with myself. Forseeing the future, will this item be any useful to me or will I just dump it somewhere in my room and never use it again? It was kind of difficult for me to forego the item seeing that I didn't have any cash with me... hehe... that's the reason why! LOL

I'm 17 and every year I'm a year older with newer and greater responsibilities to be taken care of. But every single day you wish that you're still a kiddy, playing all the time. Come to think of it, isn't it ironic that when we were young, we desperately wanted to be an adult but when we're all grown up, we want to be a small kiddy all over again? Hahaha... well we're still be our small kiddy self at heart!!
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Don't you ever feel like as though you wouldn't want to wake up so early after a long break? I'm sure almost everybody feel the same way too when the first day of th school term starts. Today is my second day for my second semester and I'm still not awake yet from my holiday mood... I guess everybody isn't.

NEW MOON....I have finally finished the book that I wanted so badly last night. It was the best sequel that I have ever read! It was just so unexpected and a good and nice ending of course.... BUT the story isn't finished yet. Bella still has to be transformed into a vampire ONLY IF nothing gets in her way....

I read that Stephenie Meyer, the author of Twilight and the sequel, New Moon has finished writing the third book of the vampire collection and is yet to be published. She will also be writing a rendtion of Edward Cullen - a vampire - narrating a story instead of Bella who has been doing so in the first two books. The book will be titled Midnight Sun and the journey will begin with how Edward starts to fall in love with Bella...

Anyway... I've still got a new book to read though. It's called Eldest and it's the sequel to Eragon which has been made into a movie. I can't wait to watch it in December!! It's all about a boy and a dragon... It may sound childish but did you know that the author of this best selling book is only 17 years old? He really has a wild imagination that I really envy him for it!

Alright... before I too carried away, I'll have to end here and continue on with my studying. There is so much for me to learn this semester... I'll be learning pharmacology... oooo.. can't wait! :P
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Thursday, October 5, 2006
Fish Curry... yum!
Such a scrumptious meal to eat if you want to break fast. Include the prata and you're on your way to a local delicacy that will crave you for more! Sadly, I didn't get to take the fish head... It's bad for your brain... that's what they say. However, I get to eat the eyes! Very nice! :P

My mom wants me to cook chapati tomorrow... and seriously I don't know how. I really have to scrutinize the recipe before making one! I've made a cake before and it sucked the first time but with practice, knowledge and confidence, I managed to make a successful one! Bravo for me!! My next project will be quiche - is that how you spell it? I will try and follow Jamie Oliver's recipe and hopefully it'll be a bomb!!

I just love cooking shows and also home makeovers! They're just so interesting and makes you want to do it! It looks so easy on telly but when you do it... man... it's hard!! It's all about perseverence baby!! LOL
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