Friday, August 24, 2007
Yipee!! My exams are over!! Just a few days of rest and then I'll be having my 2 weeks internship at IMH (Institute of Mental Health). I'm kinda scared and worried about going there.. well you heard the stories. But some of my seniors say that it's quite relaxed than the normal general ward. I heard we'll be able to interact with the patients and have fun with them. So now I'll have to figure out what bus number(s) can I take to IMH... hmmm.

Anyway, fasting month is nearing and if I'm not wrong it's on the 13th of September. Luckily I didn't have any internships or school during that period but sadly, the last week of the holidays before school re-opens is my 1 week internship at KKH (Kandang Kerbau Hospital). I think I'll be taking care of the newborn babies and their mothers! :)

So now with the holidays, I'll be able to read ECLIPSE which I probably will by it today! Can you believe that ECLIPSE knocked HP & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS off on the USA BESTSELLERS LIST?! Wow! But I have nothing against HP cos I love them too but a story about a girl and her vampire boyfriend can just win over!! Anyway, I really cannot wait to get my hands on that book!! There are also quite a few good books that I have yet to read and enjoy.

Alright, I'm going off. I need to read my favourite stories on See ya!

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Friday, August 10, 2007
Eclipse Appearing Again Next Week
I'm heartbroken! I went to BORDERS this afternoon and ECLIPSE is out of stock! That was a big shocker! I didn't know many S'poreans read Stephenie's books! However, the books are in transit right now and they will be in stock by next week! YAY!

Everything was cleared away even my menstrual camps... hehe when I watched Rush Hour 3 with my cousins at Vivo. It was quite short really.. maybe around 1 1/2 hours. Even though the movie's short, it was hysterical especially James Carter played by the comedian Chris Tucker! The plot's okay and there's a few characters from Rush Hour 1 who came back. In all, I'd give 3 out of 5 popcorns! :P

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Thursday, August 9, 2007
Nation's B'day but I'm On The Other Side!!

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Today is our Nation's birthday BUT instead of spending it at our home, me and the rest of my family went to JB and had a huge feast at TGIF or commonly known as Thank God It's Friday!! Being there, well it feels like I can enjoy the food my friends experience here in S'pore. I mean, we don't have any internationally known halal restaurants here well except for a few that not many knew of, like Fig & Olive, Hot Stuff. So being in TGIF, makes me feel how eating in those other restaurants like Marche and Billy Bombers feels like which is why I'd prefer splurging more for food in Malaysia than here in Singapore! You have a lot of varieties!! And maybe one day, I'll go to KL and get to feel how Marche tastes like! I've already tried Manhattan Fish Market which has just opened in Plaza Singapura! It's a must go!! Anyway, me and my bro took some.. well many pictures of the food in TGIF! Enjoy!!

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Even though I've not bought Eclipse and I still want to, I've read the first chapter of Eclipse and it was GREAT as always! I cannot wait to land my hands on the book and read it non-stop! It can be really addictive!!

Book lovers around the world, if you can't find any good books to read right now, I really recommend Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. The first one is called Twilight, followed by New Moon and the latest one is Eclipse. There will be 4 books in total and the last book, Breaking Dawn will tie up all the previous books. I promise you, you won't regret it! You'll love it! Just like my cousins Anisa and Mariana. They don't really fancy vampire-human romance stories but when I asked them to read Twilight they got hooked and now they're asking me to lend the third book to them... well once I get it.

If you're still not sure and you want to have a taste of what the story's like, you can visit Stephenie Meyer's website. She's the only author that I know who will post the first chapter of the book before it's official released! Here's the link:

Hope you'll enjoy it! And before I leave, I'd like to wish Singapore a very happy 42nd birthday!! We've achieved a lot so far and we're still striving to be the best in the world!!
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007
Let's "survey" one another! :P
Alrighty, I found this survey online and I thought why don't I try this out. If you've read mine, I would like you to do the same. Copy and paste the whole thing and edit it and add it to your blog! Let's find out more about each other! LOL

Who are you?

1) First of all, how old are you? - 17 going on 18

2) Do you believe in reincarnation? - ummm... not really

3) Would you rather be deaf or blind? - Deaf

4) If you found out your best friend was gay/lesbian, what would you do? - I'll be shocked at the news, but I'll be there to support her all the way.
5) Do you consider yourself a good listener? - Umm nope... haha. When people ask me a question, I sometimes may answer another thing.

6) Would you rather be short or tall? - Neither, I'd rather be medium! haha

7) Would you rather be overly happy and poor, or overly wealthy and happy? - I think overly happy and poor cos sometimes wealth may not give you all the happiness that you want in this world.

8) Would you consider your relationship with your parents bad, okay,good? - Good

9) Do you like to dance? - Yes but secretly in my room! LOL

10) Are you shy to ask someone out? - YES!

11) Do you like to talk on the phone? - NOPE!

12) Would you rather go on a walk or watch tv? - Watch TV! hehe

13) What's your dream honeymoon place? - France!

14) What would be the first thing you'd change about yourself? - My weight. Seriously, I'm FAT!!

15) Do you think boys or girls have it easier? - There's a saying that goes "Ladies First" but sometimes you have to disagree with that. I think boys are the ones that get the good things first followed by us girls!

16) If you had a round-trip ride in any time machine, where would you go? - I'd go to places where I made mistakes and try to undo them.

17) If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do? - Hmm this is difficult. I guess I'll check out the answers for my exam papers? Hehe

18) Do you like Adidas, Nike, Fila, or Reebok [or any other brand]? - Nike

19) If you could change your name, what would it be? - Natasha! I hate it when people mispronounce my name!

20) If you were in a theater and someone was crying, would you laugh? - Actually, I would try to cry along with them! LOL. I know, weird!

21) Have you ever thought you were going to die? - Yes. Actually i thought about it today. You've read news about people dieing from deep vein thrombosis and I thought I'm going to suffer from that cos I was sitting quite long on the chair last night!

22) What's the hardest thing about growing up? - Having more responsibility and trying to find a job where it provides you with wealth and happiness for you and your family.

23) Have you ever gone skinny dipping? Would you ever? - Nope, but maybe someday with my future husband? LOL

24) What little unknown talents do you possess? - Umm I dunno if you call it a talent, but I talk in my sleep! That's a first! I'll tell you more after I discover other hidden talent! :)

25) Would you eat a bowl of live crickets for $40,000? - Absolutely NO! I'd rather get $40, 000 for doing something else that's good! LOL

26) If this Saturday, you could do ANYTHING you wanted, what would
you do? - I'd want to experience how clubbing is like...

27) What's the worst word(s) you know? - Well everybody knows the fish word but the worst was when my friend teased her friend and called her an old woman in Chinese! It sounded horrible!

28) If there would be one thing about yourself that you could change, what would it be? - Other than my weight, I'd like to be more open and less shy.

29) Have you ever wanted to run away? Run where? - Yes actually when I was young. I was about 7 or 10 years old and I wanted to run to my grandmother's place because I felt that I didn't belong in the family. I don't look like either my parents or brother. Secondly, my brother was smart and I wasn't and that really pulled me down.

30) What's your worst fear? - The day when the world ends.

31) What is your dream car? - It's either a Volvo or a Volkswagen Beetle. Can't decide.. haha. I think it'll be the Volkswagen.

32) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? - Yes! My lovely teddy bear with wings! :)

33) Have you ever felt you were in love? - Truthfully, nope.

34) If you were stranded on a deserted island with one person, who would it be? - Hilary Duff! I love her! LOL

35) What is your favorite color? - Hmm there are many but I personally love pink!

36) What guy/girl do you want more than anyone else? - Syaoran Li! He's a character in an anime that I love so much! He can be H-O-T!!

37) If you could be any animal what would you be? - A dolphin!

38) What is your favorite gum? - Umm.. bubblegum? hehe

39) How do you eat an Oreo? - Twist, lick and dunk!

40) Do you eat chicken fingers with a fork? - Nope, I'll use my hands!!

41) Do you eat the stems of broccoli? - Yup! I love them especially when they are cooked together with mushrooms! Yummy!

42) If you could do anything to the person you hated most what would it be? - Take away her dignity until she falls and beg me for forgiveness! Muahahahah!!

DOB: 19 October 1989
Sex: Female
Height : 157.. I'm short! Sob
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark brown
Location: Singapore
School: NYP - School of Health Sciences, Diploma in Nursing
Pets: 4 cats - Tiger (a lazy Persian), Kiara (an overactive & unsecured Persian), Cookie (a half-Persian whom like her mother is also unsecure) and Lion (a short-haired cat who seriously is very soft for a male! And he's so different from his mother, Kiara and youngest sister, Cookie!)
Dream Job: I'm studying to be a staff nurse, but I won't mind working as a dietician!
Fav Music: With Love by Hilary Duff! Love her!!
Fav Movie: Hmm.. A Cinderella Story
Fav Food: Chicken cooked in anything! LOL
Fav Subject: History!
Fav Sport: Cycling
Least Fav: Running
Fave Month: October!!
Fave Holidays: School holidays where I get 2 months off!!
Fav Toothpaste: Umm I don't have any faves for this one. Anything will do...
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Tuesday, August 7, 2007
After so many years of being absent from the writing scene, I've finally updated a new CCS fanfic story on! The story just came to me today after listening to Janice Wei's song "Long Distance". It really inspired me to write until the end!!

I really would like to thank Eunice for sending me this song! If you didn't I don't think I could write like this so feverishly! I was hooked to it! And during the writing process, I listened to her song over and over again just to give me the inspiration and I'm glad it did! I'm so happy with my success! Hopefully I can write more in the near future!

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Bored At Home
It's a Tuesday and I don't have any school today! Hooray! I've been lazing around and now I have to move my big butt away from this computer to start my studying! As you know, I've changed my skin AGAIN! Sorry to those who gets irritated by it like Anisa *ahem* but I can't help it! The skin's so nice and personally like the mosaic pictures, thanks to! If you move your mouse on the pictures, something happens!! :P

Today is the day that Eclipse is out and I can't get it! I would really love to get it now but my exams are coming and if I read it I'll get distracted and then my mind will be about Edward, Bella and Jacob!! Oh my, my urge is so strong but I have to control it!! The other thing that has been bugging my mind off is a tote bag that I found online personally for Twilight fans!! My brother has already given the green light (i think...) to use his credit card BUT everything HAS to be done after the exams!! I'm forcing myself to obey my own orders but sometimes it doesn't help. You get distracted easily!! Someone help me!!!

My butt's really hot now cos maybe I sat too long on the chair! I've gotta cool it off or the seat will be warm till the next day! LOL See you!
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Monday, August 6, 2007
True Friend Test
Create your own Friend Test here

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Sunday, August 5, 2007
It's been quite a "stressful" week. Not much things went on but only a few presentations here and there. I'm feeling restless after finishing Deathly Hallows and I'm restricting myself from reading anymore books until after my exams! But I can't seem to control myself when the third novel by Stephenie Meyer's coming out this August 7th!

Twilight fans everywhere are anticipating for this date where they can finally read Eclipse after two years have gone by with New Moon and Twilight. Well, it was really generous of Stephenie to post the first chapter of Eclipse on her website. (Name one other author who would do that?!) But sadly I have not read it yet. I'm still thinking of ordering the book from Borders and at the same time, apply for the membership card. So now I have discounts from Borders, Kinokuniya and Times! So many book stores to go too!

ANYWAY, I've checked my time-table for next week and I don't have to attend school for most of the days! Even if I have to, it's only for a few hours!! I better take all this precious time and study for my exams. Oh well, I have to do my very best for this one!!

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