Friday, September 29, 2006
Ouran High Host Club
The ending was so intense and dramatic!! I just finished watching OHHC, the final episode. I really hope there is a second season... the ending is just too abrupt and too cliffy. But I really love the part where Haruhi finally found for her feelings for Tamaki. However the shocking part will be Kyouya's father saying that he would like his son to marry Haruhi!! I hope that never happens!!

ANYWAY... I kind of feel like posting this small OHHC movie done by a fan. It has scenes from the last episode and previous ones too. It's a dedication video to OHHC and hopefully the anime will not stop there....

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants
Well... the title says it all! To be honest, this is my first time watching this movie. I've read the book and its sequels but never have I watched it until now. I came upon it when I was looking through the TV guide and fall upon this movie on HBO. I came down to the TV room and watched it. I was really surprised by it.... I heard and read about the movie critics which didn't give good comments but I guess it wasn't that bad. Can you believe that I cried! Yes! I cried especially for Carmen... I just know how she feels...

Guess this is the third movie that really makes me cry. The other two were A Walk To Remember and Raise Your Voice featuring Hilary Duff. Those are the best movies that I've seen so far and will not get bored by it.

Well... heard that there will be a second movie and I hope it'll be the same or even better than this movie. Can't wait!!
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Monday, September 25, 2006
HADY MIRZA!!!! I can't believe he won!!! I wish him all the best in whatever he'll do in the future!! Rock on Hady!! We'll support you all the way!! WOOHOO!!!
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Slacking At Home....
It's been quite a while since I've dropped by. I've just ended my two weeks attachement last friday and couldn't be much happier! Now... all I've got to do is spend my 3 weeks of holiday wisely.... yeah right, as if i will! Hahaha...

I ended my attachement with a BANG by watching a hilariously good movie on Saturday. To all the chicks out there... it is a MUST and I mean a MUST to watch "John Tucker Must Die"! You'll laugh till your tummy hurts and it's worth your money cos ONE: Jesse Metcalfe's in it. TWO: The script's funny with a bit of romance here and there... don't us girls just love that kind of stuff? and THREE: Didn't I say Jesse Metcalfe's in it? He's just too tasty to be eaten... hahaha

I'm feeling really restless and eversince the hols started for me... I kept thinking to myself that I should cross-stitch and not wasting my time watching Inuyasha... which I have finished today and let me tell you the ending sucks!! That's not a proper ending!! ARRGGGHHH!!! Okie.... back to the topic... I've been planning to go to Spotlight to get the cross-stitch kit but sigh.... I dunno! I really want to read NEW MOON but I can only get it in 2 weeks time!! Why does it take so long to claim a pre-ordered book from BORDERS??
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Sunday, September 10, 2006
BIG day!!
Tomorrow's a big day! It's the start of the IMF World Bank meeting here in Singapore and the start of my attachement at a hospital!! AIYEEEE!! I'm feeling very nervous and excited at the same time!!

Thank god I'm not starting early in the morning tomorrow... or I won't be here right now babbling about my boring life. Instead... I'll be snoring with drool flowing out of my mouth... ain't it a nasty site? hehehe

Okie... gotta go right now... have somethings to discuss with my friends... ciao
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Friday, September 8, 2006
Ivan Won!!
Ivan's through to the next round!! My mouth was literally opened wide when I heard that he won! I didn't expect thought cos firstly... his General Knowledge ain't that good! He didn't even know how long Singapore had her independance! OMG... that's just so shameful coming from a lecturer!! But... oh well... at least he made it through... Wonder if he wins, he'll teach a couple of Psychology theories... bwahahaha :P
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Thursday, September 7, 2006
Ivan a DJ? No Way!!
I cannot believe it that my Psychology lecturer is competing in the 987fm Control! He is funny... yes, witty... a bit... charming... not in a million years but he can be a lamer at times... LOL! He sounds really good though and he reminds me of Daniel Ong when he taught me Psychology for the first time! I've voted for him and hopefully he'll win... cos too bad that he has to resign to join this competiton... i think... hehe

So... I'll be tuning in to "Muttons in the Morning" on 987fm and anticipating the results for tomorrow! Hopefully Ivan wins... hehe...

P.S. He's quite cute actually... only if he wears his glasses... bwahahaha!!!
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Tuesday, September 5, 2006
Anxious No More...
Finally, after a few weeks of "hyperventilating", I managed to pre-order a book in Borders: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. Thanks to my cousin, Kak Nurul, that told me about it and I think that I would not feel disappointed with it. At least I feel confident that Borders will get back to me when the book arrives and they say that I will be able to collect it in 4-6 weeks times. Now after knowing that I my orders will get through, I feel like pre-ordering some other books from Kinokuniya like Gossip Girl and The A-List... Ordering from Kino is free than Borders. In Borders, you'll have to pay $15 in deposit in order for you order to be successful. As for Kino, they'll just place your order without paying anything. Well that's what Kak Nurul told me....

ANYWAY, can't wait for the book to arrive. Just the feeling of knowing what's going to happen ( cos I've already read the first chapter of the book from Stephenie's website...) gives me the urge to want more! I just cannot wait!!

For anyone who wants to know what I'm talking about, just visit Stephenie's website @ . And I bet you that you'll want to get the book and read it! Trust me... haha

Alright... I've got to stop here. My eyes are drooping and my head is spinning. Ciao!
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