Wednesday, March 28, 2007
I've just watched the latest episode of HEROES on StarWorld and I was shocked yet relieved at the same time. Claire who is played by Hayden Panettiere is alive!! If you're someone who watched HEROES.. then you'll understand. But to those who didn't.. well Claire was supposed to be dead through the visions of this painter, Isaac, who can paint the future. Isaac painted a cheerleader dead with the top of her head gone and it came true BUT it wasn't Claire who was dead. The murdered cheerleader was Claire's cheerleader mate and the murderer is Syler who in a way is kinda killing all the HEREOS out there for a reason I'm unsure of yet!

When Syler realised that he got the wrong cheerleader, he gave chase to Claire and Claire bumped to Peter Petrelli (another HERO) who is in her school cause he has to "Save The Cheerleader, Save The World" whom he got the message from another hero that came from the future. In this episode, Isaac painted a picture of Peter dead in front of Claire's school and I seriously thought he was DEAD but he was ALIVE after a rather high fall. Shockingly, he woke up and fixed his broken bones together just like Claire. For those who are unsure, Claire in away can re-generate herself once she is killed, shot, burned or what nots. So Peter had the same power as Claire BUT he does not know what is his primary super-powers because he can fly like his brother, paint the future like Isaace and re-generate himself like Claire. So in all, he is like Rouge from X-Men.. absorb other peoples' power just by standing near to them. How cool is that!?

So yeah.. this week's episode is about the premonition coming true... NOT haha!! Oh well.. can't wait for next week's episode!!
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Alright! Here it is, the movie that I cannot wait to watch!! WAR INC.!! It features John and Joan Cusack and especially HILARY DUFF!! I cannot wait to see it when it comes here to Singapore! Hilary plays a Russian pop star called Yonica and trust me she's not playing like the other teen flicks you saw her in. The character she plays is totally out of her genre and I'm loving it!! She gets to used a GUN!! Anyway.. here's the trailer to WAR INC. and hope you enjoyed watching it and laughing your asses off!! I DID!! =P

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Friday, March 23, 2007
It's almost to 12 midnight and I'm still awake! Shocking, I know but what's to blame when I just had a big and delicious dinner with my mom and watched one of the best movies ever - Stomp The Yard - with Seetha!!

Stomp The Yard was way awesome then Step Up cos it involves krumping and stomping, and it somewhat's familiar with the plot of Bring It On MINUS the cheerleaders and short skirts! It's about two "stomping" groups from the same university in Atlanta called Truth Uni. and they're eyeing for the championship in the Nationals. It's really weird to find two groups from the same university challenging one another for the spot. Furthermore, one of the groups called Wolves have been the champions for seven years while the other group,Phythons well.. nothing as you can say. It can also be seen as new school VS old school and the new school being the top and winning all the way. With a new member in the Phythons, they managed to be "new school" and well you guessed it.

The actors playing in this movie are amateurs in acting like Columbus Short, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown but they acted well!! Columbus Short's actually a back-up dancer in real life and if you see him, he looks like a stunt double for Nick Cannon!! And there's this guy who is the captain for the Phythons, he looks like a miniature Rock with those big eyes and hard jaw line!!

Stomp The Yard definitely deserves a two-thumbs up and it's way better than Step Up!! Girls will love it cause there are a few crying scenes and well for the boys, you'll love all the stomping and krumping that they do but you certainly love the humour in the movie!!
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Thursday, March 22, 2007
I'm feeling HIGH today!! I've just got an e-mail from my cousin, Anisa who's in boarding school and she says that she'll be going to this so called writing workshop but when her teacher told her that there'll be authors there.. she freaked out and I freaked out too cos the author who wrote "Does My Head Look Big In This" is going to be there!!

And my dear Anisa even say that she's gonna take a picture with her and ask for her autograph! OH YOU'RE JUST TOO SWEET ANISA!! I LOVE YOU!! =P.

On the other hand on a sad note, I can't go to the European Trip with my school!! After so much convincing to my parents and also a reality check that this coming September will be a fasting month, I decided not to go and wait till I'm Year 3 since my mom feels more secure about it as I'll be older. She said that I've been to Paris but I said that I was only 5 and couldn't even enjoy thw wonderful sceneries around me! She even told me that we visited Leonardo da Vinci's home when we were watching Da Vinci Declassified on Discovery Channel! I only remembered being scared of the "Charlie Chaplin" that's all!! Well.. hopefully after all the hard work and the money that I save, I wish I can go back to Paris and breathe in the culture and its people...
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Friday, March 9, 2007
I definitely did not know that 987fm plays Hilary Duff single, With Love only until just now! I'm gonna request for Play With Fire soon.. haha.

Anyway, two weeks of attachment has passed and now I'm awaiting for my third and final week. Attachment at TTSH has been great and now I can't wait for my one whole month of holiday! Just me and my books and maybe more shopping? Well.. who knows? LOL

I'm not sure whether you know but Avril has released her first single from her 3rd album, The Best Damn Thing and it's called Girlfriend. But OMG, I saw the video on MTV and I was like.. what the heck!? She changed!! Her looks, her outfit and her song!! It seems more poppish rock than her usual songs and she DANCED in the video!! Avril dancing?!! Well.. you've got to see it to believe it!! Here's hjer video and just be "amazed" by her transformation!!

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