Tuesday, June 24, 2008
It's the second day of school after a deserved break and well... I'm not getting use to waking up early. And I'd prefer to sleep late and wake up late instead! =)

I have a really early morning class tomorrow. How am I going to stand a 2 hour lecture from 8am in the morning and not snooze during them? Anyway, the lecture topics for tomorrow are really dry... hopefully I can live through them.

Ever since I got back from school today, I've been really jumpy, ecstatic and full of hysteria! I checked the e-mail specially for Twilight Singapore and got a shock of my life and now I'm still in shock and can't get over the fact that HER WORLD magazine wants us Twilight Singapore members to have an interview with them!! An interview with HER WORLD magazine!! How crazy is that?! They would want us to interview about why women (like us) like about Twilight. I'm already preparing some of the answers in my head... hehe.

Alright... all my members agree to the interview and well me too! This will help us advertise our blog more! =)
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Sunday, June 22, 2008
Back To School
3 more hours and it's a new day. It's back to school for most of us. Some of you might be rejoicing while others might be sulking. Well... I'm neutral like Switzerland. ;)

These past few days, I've been slacking around and doing pretty much nothing. Sad life for me ain't it? I've just finished watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on DVD and it's great watching it again. Though my intentions of watching is of a totally different reason. I didn't watch it because I wanted to remember the storyline (I've read the book and prefer the original) or stare at Daniel Radcliffe throughout the movie. Instead, I wanted to watch it due to Cedric Diggory! *wink* *wink* *grins*

Robert Pattinson's the reason why! ;)

He's actually quite yummy to look at. Well apologies to those who are spewing out their dinner now, but I have to admit, he's actually quite good looking. I can already imagine him acting as Edward Cullen, with an American accent. *sigh*

MTV showed a clip of Bella and Edward in the greenhouse for the movie for Twilight Tuesday and I was practically swooning, looking at Robert. Mind you, this scene is NOT from the book but heck who cares?! As long as the main and important things are there it's good enough. But this scene is quite important as Bella asks Edward why he saved her from the impending car crash. And I absolutely love the his reply: "I had an adrenaline rush. It's very common. You can Google it." This is going to be one of Edward's trademarks and I've already seen quite a few Twilighters loving this quote too! For those who are going "huh", "what", "WTH is she babbling about" or "WTF", GO AND READ THE BOOK! It's the best damn thing out there! Trust me! =)

So anyway, I was really, really disappointed with MTV Asia. They premiered the MTV Movie Awards yesterday but guess what?! NO PRE-SHOW!! The pre-show's important too you know! They showed the exclusive Twilight scene from the movie and they didn't even show it?! I wanna watch it on the tube though I've watched it like a million times on the computer but I wanna experience watching it on the telly!! NVM... at least I managed to watch a new music video by Weezer-Pork and Beans. Really cool. The video showed some familiar YouTube faces like the fat guy who lipsyncs to one of the Chicken Little soundtrack. LOVE IT!!

Okay... going off now. I wanna read a HP fanfic! Ciao!
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Friday, June 20, 2008
One eye closed
I haven't been updating my blog for quite a while now due to my busy schedule of not studying.. hehe but instead constant monitoring of the Twilight Singapore blog. I've actually created a blog for Twilighters in Singapore. [For dummies: Twilighters is the name for fans of the Twilight series created by Stephenie Meyer].

However, I'm grateful for other Singaporean Twilighters who are now members of the Twilight Singapore community. Without them, I don't think the blog can function anymore. Thanks a lot guys! Really appreciate your help! =)

After creating the blog and maintaining it, we've decided to organise a Twilight Singapore movie outing so that we Twilighters in Singapore can watch the movie together. This will take a lot of hard work and time. Hopefully we will be able to make this outing happen!

Anyway, it's the weekend and two more days till school opens! Next few weeks will be very busy with ICAs, tests and not to mention NAPFA! Hate it!! Why must poly students take NAPFA?! Can't wait to get it over and done with!

Well... next Saturday I might be going to Suntec to accompany Anisa to the Anime Convention... haven't been in one though. 'Tis my first time... hehe.

Okay, well gotta go and to readers of my blog who are TWILIGHT fans, do visit Twilight Singapore and support us!! I know that there are lots of Twilighters here in Singapore but we need you guys to visit our blog!! We have also created a forum! Do join!! =)
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
James Truth
SmokeyFizz, two talented girls who makes incredible fan made videos has made a spoof of a Twilight scene that was shown to us Twilight fans on the day of the MTV Movie Awards. This is just for fun and laughter. It was not intended to insult the Twilighters. The girls themselves are Twilight fans! You can check out their YouTube Channel here.

Here's the video that they made. If you can't understand what they're babbling about, you can proceed to this link where there are "subtitles" in a way. Enjoy!

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Monday, June 9, 2008
I'm back!!
Awww... life's a bliss! I came back from my short KL trip last night and the past 2 days was just blissful. Though, I would rather stay a few more for the shopping but one thing that I really, really love is the the FOOD!! KL is heaven for us Muslims here in Singapore. The restaurants that we can't eat here, we can it eat there. It's a luxury!!

So on Saturday morning, left home at 5am and what a surprise we got! At 6am the causeway was already jammed! We Singaporeans are really kiasu! Anyway we left really early cos when we reach JB, we would straight away proceed to Negeri Sembilan with my aunt to fetch her children from KTJ (a Malaysian boarding school) and then we would proceed to KL. Once we reach KL, we had our lunch at IKEA which was heavenly! The food in IKEA here is not even halal and well it was a bliss to try the hotdog and the meals there! Love the meatballs!! =P

So after having lunch in IKEA we proceeded to our hotel called Dharby Park Hotel which is a 15 minutes walk to the twin towers. I was so blind that I didn't know my room was facing the twin towers when it reached dusk, I finally noticed the bright light emanating from the towers! By the way, the twin towers at night is beautiful! So my parents and I went to KLCC Suria for tea and a bit of shopping. Following after that, we had dinner at another hotel,Eastin which serves Japanese cuisine. All that I have to say is, delicioso!! The oyster was nice and not to forget the okonomiyaki! After a tasteful, dinner went back to the hotel for a good night's slepp. End of Day 1.

The next morning, had breakfast at the hotel itself and after that, I followed my aunt and my mom to KLCC. It was a lovely stroll from the hotel to the shopping center. If I stayed longer, we could get more shopping done! =) So after returning to the hotel, we packed and left the hotel. We then had lunch at Pavillion Mall where my cousin Anisa says, serve the best western food! True to her word, TONY ROMA'S was INCREDIBLE! I ordered a rib-eye steak and it was so tender! It was heavenly!! It's the best place so far other than TGIF! I wouldn't mind migrating to KL for the food! You can eat anywhere! Next time, I would like to try Marche's, Pastamania, Carl's Jr and many many more!! =)

The trip was fun! The long drive to KL is worth it, not because of the shopping but the FOOD!! =P
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Saturday, June 7, 2008
going off
You guys might think I'm crazy to wake up really early in the morning to blog. Well... I'm dressed and ready to drive off to JB soon. Once I reach JB, I'll see my aunt and we're off to KL together. It's just a one day trip but I'm excited! It's been ages since I've visited KL especially the food!!

Ok.. I've gotta go. We're leaving at 5 which means really soon.! See ya!
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Monday, June 2, 2008
2008 MTV Movie Awards
MTV Movie Awards 2008, one of the coolest movie awards ever, went live this morning from Universal City's Gibson Amphitheatre in California. Sadly for us fans in Asia, we can only watch it on later date. But fret no more, MTV has uploaded the video of the movie awards on-demand!! Yes! You can now watch them now instead of waiting! However, I'll still be watching it again just to watch the pre-show and of course Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! =)

You can watch the full show here

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Sunday, June 1, 2008
needle prick injury anyone?
I'm bummed! Seriously... I need a break! Tomorrow's the start of a whole new set of modules and it's already stressing me out! Apart from that, there are countless of ICA presentations in the coming weeks and my group seriously feel like dying right now... especially me!!

We've just finished making a video for our Final Year Project (FYP) at my house and it was fun! We're doing on innovation and we're kinda innovating the syringe and the needle so that it's safe and user friendly in the future for us Staff Nurses. =)

So anyway, we created a video on how a staff nurse can prick herself accidentally with a needle. Qin Ting was the nurse, Weilun the patient, Hanisah the little girl who caused Qin Ting to accidentally "pricked" her finger, Eunice the camera woman, Hui Scen the director and me, the narrator. The whole shooting process was fun especially when Eunice literally asked the contraction worker to stop drilling so that we could record the video without any background noise! She actually leaned out the window and tried to catch the attention of the worker! That was simply hilarious!

Anyway, now I'm pretty psyched and really restless about tonight or maybe tomorrow morning. MTV Movie Awards will be showing a full action scene of Twilight for their pre-show and badly enough, it's now shown in Asia LIVE!! WHY!! So now, I'm either planning to stay up really late just to watch the video which they will post it on their blog after they air it (which is kinda frustrating... cos I don't know what time is it now in HOLLYWOOD!) or wake up really early tomorrow morning and watch it! Either way, watching the video will certainly make me scream, squeal, shriek, hyperventilate or even faint! Nah... I don't think it'll be that serious cos I've hyperventilated when they showed clips of the full action Twilight scene before. Proceed to Twilight Singapore to know more! ;)

Alright... I'm done posting here. Anxiously waiting for the Twilight and of course ROBERT PATTINSON! Or should I say... Spunk Ransom! Tee hee
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