Sunday, August 31, 2008
Midnight Sun
Why oh why must Midnight Sun be leaked online? These online troublemakers has made Stephenie to put Midnight Sun (Edward's POV of Twilight) on HOLD indefinitely!! I've read the legal partial draft that Stephenie linked on her website and it's really, really good! I feel that I understand Twilight even more when I get to know Edward's POV. It was less intense than Bella's and comical especially the interactions with the rest of the Cullens.

It was a great read to understand how and why Edward develops feelings for Bella and he really has good self-control! And oh my god, the jealousy!! It was humourous! Didn't know vampires are envious and smug too! LOL. Even though Edward's known to be the good-looking, hot, model looking type of guy from Bella's POV, he's actually a very, very sweet person! He helps Angela Weber secretly as she is the only one among the girls who don't gossip about Bella and bad mouth her. Well... let's just say, he secretly helps her by playing cupid with Emmett!

As you know, I'm obsessed with Twilight and created a blog for Singaporean Twilighters - Twilight Singapore, I've also created my own Twilight playlists with songs that I feel resembles Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Obsessed much? Currently I'm listening to Unfaithful by Rihanna. It sort of reminds me of Bella's POV in Eclipse when she's in love with Edward and Jacob and when she sneaks off to La Push to visit Jake against Edward's orders. I know... creepy! Haha.

Here's a few songs that I chose for my playlist:

All Or Nothing - Westlife
You And Me - Lifehouse
When I'm With You - Faber Drive
I Will Be - Avril Lavigne
Breathe Easy - Blue
Every Time We Touch - Cascada
All Over You - Spill Canvas

These are just a few songs that I chose. =)
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Friday, August 22, 2008
OME!! It's over!!
Yesterday was my last paper for my final year and the last day of school for all my 3 years in NYP. After we exited the exam hall, I sort of get a bit emotional. I won't be seeing all my friends till our graduation and that will be next year. So from now till January 2009, we will be having our attachments and PRCP. My friends and I planned to have a farewell gathering, sort of, before we part. And this is also a farewell for Qin Ting who is almost halfway around the world to her hometown, China. So while we were walking to our destination to have lunch, I met some of my other friends and we hugged before we will meet again during graduation.

Anyway, forget the emotional stuff, I had fun during our lunch gathering. We went to Naked Fish Shoppe in Grassroots Club which is just beside our school and the food was great! We paid $7 each for soup of the day; a meal of either fish n chips, breaded chicken, or jumbo hot dog; desert and either an ice tea or orange juice! And that's a student's meal! The price was very reasonable and we loved it!

Hui Scen & Qin Ting

Qin Ting & Eileen

Hanisah and Weilun

Weilun & me

Hui Scen, Qin Ting & Eileen
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Sunday, August 3, 2008
Breaking Dawn
I am not in the best of moods today and heck, I don't even feel like studying anymore! It was shocking to find out that Breaking Dawn actually came out yesterday here in Singapore instead of this Monday!! We could have just read Breaking Dawn together with the whole world but NOO!! It had to be Monday and now I'm pissed off with BORDERS and POPULAR for telling us fans that we can collect our pre-ordered copies this MONDAY!!! when they started selling it YESTERDAY!!! AARRGGHHH!!!

I was out yesterday and I wanted to go to Orchard to visit BORDERS but why didn't I!? I would have shrieked if I saw Breaking Dawn in BORDERS!! It's a waste of $5 if you ask me, telling us we can collect it on MONDAY! #@$%&*!*#@%$#&@

Alright, well what's done is done but when I visit BORDERS tomorrow and collect my own copy, I'm seriously going to ask them about the change of release dates! Seriously pisses of us Twilight fans!!
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Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine

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