Thursday, May 29, 2008
Twilight Singapore
Finally, Singaporean Twilight fans has their own blog site with news about all things Twilight and of course the creator, Stephenie Meyer.

Twilight Singapore needs all the support that it could get from Twilighters in Singapore! We're hoping that this site will be a big hit for the Twilight community here. Please do visit the blog site - Twilight Singapore.

We want to thank you for the big support! THANKS!
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Samantha's in town!!
I'm bumped. I'm tired. I'm having a headache... but I'm feeling ecstatic tonight! In just half an hour, Channel 5 will air one of my favourite shows of all time, other than Gossip Girl (which I think Channel 5 will not air cos of sex, partial nudity and yeah did I say sex?! LOL).

Anyway, SAMANTHA WHO? has arrived on our shores and I LOVE IT!! *grins* I'm watching the season all over again! Watch it on-line and I love it! And the best part is not only is Christina Applegate starring in it but Cecilia Ahern is the creator of this show! One of my favourite authors created this darn good and hilariously funny show! (Mind you, Cecilia Ahern wrote the bestselling novel P.S. I Love You which has been made into a fabulous movie, Where Rainbows End and other good novels)

Okay... so I haven't eaten and well got to feel my stomach first before re-watching Samantha Who? again. Catch up with you guys later! Ciao!
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Thursday, May 22, 2008
it's the time of your life David
The new American Idol for this year has been announced... and it's none other than DAVID COOK!! (He kinda look like Chace Crawford here...)

I knew he would win!! His cover song of Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" is already a big hit on the radio! I can't wait to hear his single on the radio "Time Of My Life" and of course his album! Congrats again David Cook!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
an unexpected twist
We all thought that our favourite characters will settle their differences and get back together... but well that's Gossip Girl, full of surprises! Finally, Georgina's out of the picture for now... she might be coming back for the 2nd season. But what surprises me is Chuck Bass. Poured out his feelings to his other half, whom you know as Blair Waldorf and when his dad told him about his responsibilities when getting a girlfriend, he backfired. He doesn't want to leave his wild side behind... he wants to keep it. And what does he do? Left Blair standing alone on the tarmac and flirted with Lily Bass's new interior designer! Sick Bass!

Anyway, it's sad that S & D are no more but I have a gut feeling that in the 2nd season, D & V will get closer and well S & N... starts all over again. Well... we'll just have to wait for September 21st. I really hope Blair will find her happiness... especially with the new guy she just met. They look good together! =)

What can I say, I'm a Waldorf fan! =P
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Saturday, May 17, 2008
Yonica Babyyeah... wow!
Yonica Babyyeah, an oversexed East Asian pop star who remarkably is played by the talented Hilary Duff! Gotta love her!! Hilary's plays her so well, that you just forget that she's Hilary but just a cute, oversexed pop star! I saw some videos of her singing songs from the movie and the title of the songs are just hilarious! It's even more hilarious if you see her singing it... in a good way! She's too cute and innocent to do that and sing those songs! =)

These are some of the clips from the movie War Inc. where Hilary plays Yonica Babyyeah. Gotta love the title of those songs!




Can't wait for the movie to come out! Hilary will surely cos heads to turn when they see the movie! She's incredible. Love the accent! =P
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Friday, May 16, 2008
calling all guys... join the twilight scene!!
Yes.. I know, another Twilight post but what can you say, I'm an obsessed freak! =)

Okay, you might be wondering what's with me calling out to any guys to join the Twilight scene. First of all, most of you might think that Twilight is targeted to teens - specially for teenage girls. Na-ah, think again! You might be surprised that there are adults reading Twilight - mothers, aunts, grandmothers etc. However, the most shocking thing will be GUYS reading Twilight! Okay, guys out there might ask, what does Twilight have that attract these guys?!

1. Though it may be a romance novel, doesn't mean that romance is the only thing that occupies the first page till the last.
2. It involves vampires, fast cars (Volvo, Mercedes, BMW and a monster truck!)
3. There's a fight scene at the very end involving vampires
4. In the following series, werewolves are introduced and you get to read the interaction between both mythical creatures.

If you're still not convinced enough, there are Twilight Guys around the globe who give their opinion about why they like Twilight.

Now, for those who are wondering whether TWILIGHT is a really good book. Well... it really is! As Stephenie said: "A good book, is a good book for any age."
I can't tell you how brilliantly good it is, you just gotta get a hold on of the book and read it!! If you're to become a new Twilighter, here are some advice tips that were given by other Twilighters. These were taken from More Twilight Goodness - Film School Rejects

" Tips:
1. When reading Twilight in public, try to refrain from going “aww” if Edward says something sweet, or people will stare at you.
2. Try not to slip into “twilight talk” with your friends, because if you start going on about how you “love edward cullen so much,” they’ll want to know who it is. When you explain he’s a fictional character they’ll seem confused until you brainwash them to read it. Try to be patient with them.
3. In New Moon, don’t hold back tears when it gets sad. Many fans have cried over this book (Myself included)
4. Do not judge Jacob Black. Everyone has their own opinion of him and they’re entitled to it.
5. In Eclipse, try not to yell at the book if you get frustrated.
6. Don’t let anyone borrow your copies of the book unless you don’t want to see them again. Because if someone “borrows” it, they’ll become addicted and try to steal it from you.
7. After reading the books, when you listen to music you’ll relate every song you hear to the series. Don’t worry, that’s normal.
8. After finishing Twilight, if you don’t own all three books you’ll go insane until you find them. Like someone said earlier, buy all three at once. It will save you unnecessary suffering and anxiety.
9. You’ll form a love/hate feeling towards Bella. You’ll like her character, and yet be very jealous of her at the same time.
10. Enjoy the books, and try not to go completely crazy waiting for August 2nd. "

"My recommendations…

Make sure you don’t have anything much to do the next day. When I first read Twilight, I literally could not stop reading until I finished, which was rather late into the night. And then I had to go to school the next day! Not that fun.

Also, make sure you know a friend or someone you can talk to who has read the books. That was my other problem. I didn’t personally know anyone else who had, and so I was stuck with amazing books that I NEEDED to talk about but couldn’t!

Finally, once you finish, read them through again! The first time you read through so fast that you miss things. In fact, I still notice new things even after reading them…um…very large number…times! Stephenie is such an amazing writer that every little detail is enjoyable and significant, so make sure not to miss them."

Alright... well I certainly agree with both comments above. Firstly, I've related some songs to Twilight like No Air, Fall For You and Almost Lovers.

And secondly, I personally don't know anyone else who reads Twilight well except for my cousins who sadly are overseas. So I'm currently waiting for Jahiza to finish her O's, read the series, be obsessed as I am before the movie comes out so that we can gush about how sweet and romantic Edward is!

And thirdly, I totally agree that you have to read the series more than once! I've done so for all 3 books and well... you'll get more information and understand the character deeper. =)

Well... hopefully, more Singaporeans are reading Twilight and well, I'm really hoping that when the movie comes out, it'll be a BIG HIT!
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
5 centimeters per second
Do you know?
The speed of which cherry blossoms fall...
At what speed must I live?
To be able to see you again?

5 Centimeters per second is how fast a cherry blossom petal falls to the ground. A realistically beautiful yet melancholic anime. A story of two people who were meant to be together but didn't in the end. A 3 episode japanese animation that really hits close to the soul and yet realistically, it does happen to almost anyone.

A friendship that started really young but was separated and the only means were through writing. A teenage girl that was too scared to express her feelings as she knew that the guy had feelings for another. Years gone by, and both souls have went their separate ways. When paths crossed and the opportunity has arisen, one couldn't wait no longer and moved on. An ending that none of the viewers expected, it shows the reality of life and love. A beautiful anime that all must watch. Here's a clip of the last episode.

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it's robert's birthday today!!
Happy birthday to Robert Pattinson! He turns 22 today! Anyway, Robert fans have been really busy making videos for him and even to the extent of sending gifts to him! Those are really hard-core Robert cum Twilight fans!! I wanted to make a video but was too shy to post a video greeting for Robert... hehe

Anyway, since last month, a trio of girls who called themselved "Devilishtrio" has requested Twilighters or Robert fans to make a greeting for him via YouTube and the response has been overwhelming! The Devilishtrio has sent their part 1 of their Robert B-Day project to Robert few weeks ago and they have just sent the second part which consists of a CD that contains video greeting from fans worldwide. How hardcore is that!? =)

They will post the official video of the Robert B-Day Project on YouTube on 13th May (which is today... but well I think I've gotta wait cos due to the time difference...) and I can't wait to see what the fans have sent him! Anyway, the Devilishtrio have posted a video of them sending the CD to the post office. Enjoy!

The bloopers at the end were hilarious especially the yellow Porsche! "It's a sign!" LOL. For those who aren't familiar with the Twilight series, well, the yellow Porsche was Edward's gift to Alice... as a bribe to keep Bella safe from the werewolves and the human-blood sucking vampires. =)
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Monday, May 12, 2008
a good book, is a good book for any age
Finally, Monday has ended. Thank god! This morning was a terrifying experience for me! I was picked to be one of the nurses to perform in a simulation based learning and well.... all I have to say is thank god that's over! =)

Anyway, today's a pretty long day and my left shoulder hurts like hell. Reminder, take it easy when you want to lift weights, unlike me, who suddenly starts lifting weights after a long time! Now, I'm paying the price for it! Dang! So finished school at around 4.30pm and went to the library to pass my time. Good thing Ridzwan and Yu Chan were there.... so I had some company. While waiting for my brother to pick me up from school, I began doodling and well... the end result, a picture of Bella and Edward. I copied it from one of the Twilight pictures.

I know... it doesn't look the same but heck, it's good eh? Hehe... though my Edward doesn't look Edwardy at all but Bella looks great! =)

Anyway, Stephenie's really getting her recognition even after her latest book The Host came out on May 6th. She was in Texas for her book signing and the response was remarkable. I've got a video here where a Barnes & Nobles spokesperson was introducing Stephenie Meyer and well, as to expect, her fans went wild!! That's Stephenie's fans for you! You rock Stephenie!! =)

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Sunday, May 11, 2008
Women on the verge
I watched Ironman last night with my cousins and gotta say it was pretty cool! It was my first time entering the new E!Hub at Downtown East and the place looks awesome... though I'm staying near the area! =) I can't imagine watching Twilight on the big screen... ok maybe not at Downtown East but either The Cathay or GV Vivo City. It's spacious and has the best sound system and well, maybe it'd get me to swoon when I hear Edward's voice! =P

Anyway, tomorrow Gossip Girl's showing their latest episode called Women on the Verge and well I've watched the sneak peaks... it's getting pretty intense! Serena's life has went downhill when Georgina came to town to visit her and I kinda hate G for that! Anyway, here are the sneak peaks.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008
It's been one hell of a week! Firstly, almost every day I'm having group meetings for our upcoming presentations and Final Year Project. Secondly, the Twilight Teaser Trailer has finally made its debut and thirdly, I just bought The Host by Stephenie Meyer yesterday! It's a surprise to see the books arranged so neatly once you enter Borders and yet nobody's buying it!! Anyway, I'm already getting hooked to the book just by reading the first few chapters! That's what happens if you read Stephenie's books!! =)

Anyway, you might have read my previous Twilight posts where I mention about the release of the Twilight teaser trailer on the official movie website? Well... it's the same video teaser trailer video that's showing on My Space. The official movie trailer where it will last like 2-3 minutes or longer will only be shown when the release date is nearing. So we Twilighters gotta wait. However, those who can't seem to get more of Twilight (like me), go and buy Penelope DVD when it comes out. (Christina Ricci starred in Penelope where she had that infamous pig snout!). The DVD will contain extra footage on Twilight!!! Can't wait!!

For those who have not been visiting the official Twilight movie website recently, go there now!! The website's been revamped and it looks incredible!! Here's the link:

Oh well, next week's going to be busy, busy, busy for me! But all the stress will be gone when MTV Twilight Tuesday comes and I get to watch new episodes of my favourite shows, Gossip Girl and Samantha Who?. Just for your info. Samantha Who? is coming to Singapore and when it airs on Channel 5, do watch it!! It's hilarious!! It stars Chrisitina Applegate by the way! =)
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008
edward + bella = romeo + juliet
Hey guys!! It's been a while since I've written a regular post without mentioning anything about Twilight... but sorry you can't stop me. I'm a Twilighter and from now on, most of my post will be about the Twilight Saga! =)

Anyway, let's talk normal stuff! I've had my clinical theory test and I felt that I did pretty okay. All those mugging and lazing around at the same time helps... and of course add in sneaking off to re-read Eclipse! Hehe. Secondly, I'm kinda excited about the Australian Study Trip that I might be going this September with my school. It's a 7 day trip to Sydney and apart from enjoying myself and having fun, I would also be visiting universities and hospitals there too! Looks kinda fun when you add in cruising with the dolphins, shopping, sight-seeing, shopping and more shopping!! =)

Drifting away from my normal life, I'm going to blabber about Twilight again!! Trust me you can't stop me! Even Jahiza, my cousin, was awed by my dedication... (anyway I pestered her yesterday to watch the teaser trailer. If you haven't watch it, what are you doing reading my post! Scroll down and watch it! Kidding..)

So as usual, my first priority after checking my mail is to visit Twilight Lexicon and behold! The movie poster is out, with Edward (Robert) and Bella (Kristen) together!!

Doesn't Robert look convincing as Edward Cullen! Watch the teaser trailer if you wanna be swooned by Robert! =P

I'm kinda jealous of the other Twilighters living in the States... they get to watch the movie on December 12 while us Asian Twilighters might only be able to see it in June next year!! That's too damn long for me!!! Why can't they push it to January or February!! I really can't wait that long. Hopefully Summit Entertainment will be able to push the release date forward for us Asian fans! *Haiz*

Okay... gotta leave now. I can't leave my Gossip Girl hanging! Tee hee... byez!!
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008
I'm seriously freaking out right now!! THE OFFICIAL TWILIGHT TEASER TRAILER IS OUT!! Robert looks incredible as Edward! I love his grin at the end!! *screams*

This is just the first part of the teaser trailer. More is to come and I just can't wait!! Damn... I don't think I can concentrate for my test tomorrow!!
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Thursday, May 1, 2008
Twilight fan made videos
Happy Labour Day! Anyway, I know it's been quite awhile since I've posted. Busy with school and projects and maybe I've got nothing to talk about! LOL

I've been wanting to post this brilliantly made fan made videos but didn't have the time until now. I'm now having the opportunity to post these videos thanks to my cousin Jahizah, who wants to know why suddenly I like trance music. It's only ONE trance music and no more.... I only like this one that's all. Anyway, these fan made Twilight videos are awesome and they were made by Smokeyfizz who are brilliant in all these fan made videos. The way they mash scenes together to fit into the theme is incredible! If only I had a creativity streak in me... haha.

Anyway, this first video is called Bella - Beautiful Things and it's all about Bella. This video includes scenes from all three books - Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. So yeah... it'll inlcude Edward and Jacob. Just a personal note, Kristen Stewart is Bella. Robert Pattinson is Edward and Steven Strait is Jacob ALTHOUGH Taylor Lautner is the official Jacob, I guess because there are no movie scenes of the 16 year old Taylor except for The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl and Cheaper By The Dozen 2. Furthermore, this is also the reason why I like trance because of the song Beautiful Things by Andian feat DJ Tiesto.

This second video is all about New Moon. I was captivated by their creativity that I was stuck to my seat, gaping in awe. Enjoy!! The song that they used it All Fall Down by OneRepublic

And lastly, their other video is all about Eclipse. Enjoy! The song that they used for this one is Muscle Museum by Muse!

I hope you have enjoyed all three videos made by Smokeyfizz, two awesome and creative sisters!! And hopefully this will also urge you to read the Twilight Saga!! Ciao!
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