Monday, April 24, 2006
"The It Girl" is one of Cecily von Ziegesar's New York Times bestseller among her Gossip Girl novels. If you are wondering, 'The It Girl' is a continuation story from where our favourite Gossip Girl character, Jenny Humphrey left off.

In her 8th Gossip Girl novel, Jenny was kicked out of Constance Billard and had been searching for boarding schools where she can start anew. 'The It Girl' is where Jenny starts her new life in a boarding school known as Waverly Academy, a place where all the filthy rich kids go to.

From the first chapter onwards, I can see the transformation that Jenny had done to herself, mentally. Almost in every chapter she would always remind herself to change from the Old Jenny to the New Jenny and it works! She is no longer a scaredy-cat among cute boys but a brave one who flirts tremendously, and she finally got the attention she wanted!

'The It Girl' is one of the books that is a must have for every Gossip Girl reader. Even if it doesn't have our cute and adorably handsome Nate or our beautiful and bitchy Blair, it's a book worth reading! Forget all about the New York Times bestseller, think about all the juicy contents inside this novel! The transformation that Jenny had done to herself, quarrels and new affairs among couples, boys snogging girls and the queen of all drama stories, backstabbing and bitchying among girls!

So if you haven't read it, go get it!! It's a book that every Gossip Girl should have and you wouldn't want to be left out would you?
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Monday, April 17, 2006
Today is the officially first day of school! It was a rugged start for me though. I had to wake up at 5.45 in the morning just to be in time to catch the bus that goes to my school. Since my parents were on their way to work, they alighted me at a bus stop where I could take the bus to school. At around 7.09, I boarded bus number 39, which was not really full... thank god for that. I managed o find a seat...

The journey from Pasir Ris to Khatib MRT station, was relatively short. In the estimated time, it took around 20 minutes. From the Khatib MRT station, I took the train that goes to Yio Chu Kang MRT station which took me about 5 minutes to reach. Nanyang Polytechnic is just a few minutes away from the Yio Chu Kang station and I managed to reach school on time to meet my group outside the auditorium.

My first lecture of the day started at 0800 and it was Introduction to Psychology. The lecture was very interesting with the lecturer, Mr Ivan Loh, being a comical guy. I always thought of pursuing a degree in psychology after my nursing course and after hearing the lecture... I won't mind doing it since I find that this is the subject that I really like and am interested in.

So after an hour of psychology, I had an hour of Fundamentals of Nursing. It was okay though. It was a rough start for me at first but I managed to understand what the lecturer was talking about. This is one of the most important subjects in the nursing course that I have to study and know about. Without this, I don't think I'll be able to be a proper nurse that cares for her patients.

The lecture sadly had to end an hour later. My group and I went to the 4th floor together to go for our nest class. It was held in the lab... so basically it's all about the practical for us soon to be nurses. In this class we will be taught how to handle the patients in the hospitals and many more.

Finally after two hours later, we had a break that lasted for 2 hours! I went to one of the cafeteria that has a McD and I ate lunch there with my friends. Honestly, I don't think I'll be able to eat McD everyday... so we will possibly be going to another cafeteria that has a food court.

The last class of the day was also a lab class but for biological science. This is where I'll be learning about the human anatomy and physiology. It was really interesting since it's biology and I love bio. Even though it was just the first day of school, it's really interesting to learn stuff that I never get to learn in secondary school. Well I guess I can't wait for the second day of school... since I'll be starting at 1600 and end at 1800 tomorrow!!!
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Saturday, April 15, 2006
WOOHOO! I went to the 987 Hollaback Crew finals in Singapore Indoor Stadium today!! If you're wondering how I got the tickets, my brother's hall were in the finals - NTU Team Se7en!!! His Hall Se7en had 300 free tickets to give away and therefore he received 3 and gave it to me. Unfortunately, he can't make it to the finals... he's mugging for his exams next week! With 3 tickets with me, I invited 2 of my cousins along.

We went to the stadium at around 1440. When we reached there, there was a long queue to the entrance but it was worth waiting in line. Upon entering the interior of the stadium, we were captivated by the vibe of the spectators... all came to see their supporting team and of course The Click Five!! We then went to search for seats and came to a section where it was for the Team Se7en supporters only. I was there to support for my brother's hall and one other team too, Street Fusion!!!!

The show started with the all the 987 DJs coming on to stage through roller blades and a jeep! And the hilarious part for us all were the Muttons In The Morning!!! Vernon A. came out wearing a cheerleading outfit with pom poms and showing his skanky pants... hahaha

Before the 10 finalists perform their stunts, we were entertained with Ronin, a local Singaporean band. Their music was okay though... After their gig, that's where the fun starts! Team after team, from categories under 17 and above 17, they show off their creativity and their talent to the judges. It was amazing seeing all of them showing their dance/cheerleading and percussio skills!
After 5 groups had performed, we were then entertained by Don and Drew!!! They sang for us "The Ramly Burger Re-mix", "Be My Valentine", "Uncle Mutton" and an impromtu song specifically for the Hollaback Crew finals. They were funny too!

After them, there was another performane from the remaining 5 teams. The last team was Team Se7en and they were GREAT, AWESOME, INCREDIBLE AND WOW!!!! So after all of the teams had performed, we were entertained by the last group, the group which we had beem anticipating for.... THE CLICK FIVE!!!

My cousin and I were grooving to the song... well not grooving.. we were jumping to them!!! It was the best concert that I've been too... well... actually this is my first... hahahaha. After hearing The Click Five, we decided to buy their CDs!!! They were so great that I still want to groove to their songs... hahaha

After their last song, it was time for the results!! NTU Team Se7en won the "Best Dance/Cheerleading Performance" and they also won Second place!!! Congrats Team Se7en! You guys did a great job!!

The champions for under 17 was the group from Singapore Chinese Girls School and the champions for above 17 was Street Fusion!!! WOOHOO!!! YEAH!!! You guys were amazing!! You guys deserved it!! The prizes were expensive! Each of them received $10,000!!!!

It was really a great experience for me... being my first time in a competition cum concert! If there are events like this... I would be the first to get the tickets... hahaha
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Friday, April 14, 2006
Yesterday was my orientation in NYP. I'm under the School of Health Sciences and nursing is the biggest group of all, consisting of about 600+ students altogether. I was then grouped with other NYP freshmen, and we are called Group 19. Well, yeah it's kinda simple and there are a total of 30 nursing groups. Each group has a total of 23 freshmen.

We started the day with talks by the director of SHS in the auditorium, welcoming us to NYP followed by student councellers and the libarian. In between there were performances by "Foreign Bodies", a dance group in NYP and a skit by Year 2 nursing students. It was then followed by a Year 2 nursing student who sang a song called "The Healing Touch" which was written by one of the lecturers. She was accompanied by a guitarist who is also in nursing.

After all the enjoyment, we had our lunch. After eating to our hearts content and changing into our orientation T-Shirts, we head back to the auditorium where the next segment of our day begins. This time, it was students from the SHS club who organised the activity. They organised a treasure hunt for us freshmen. It is a way to help us navigate around the campus and to show us the areas that are important during our 3 years there.

It was fun and tiring at the same time. We had our student mentors who led us to all the places where we can find the clues. We managed to finish on time and be back at the auditorium by 1700. There were prizes to be won and my group won the 4th place for being one of the top 5 groups to have the highest scores.

It was really a day for me. Finding and meeting new friends was enjoyable. Well... too bad the orientation was a one-day affair. I'll be starting school this Monday and boy is it hectic. I'm starting at 0800 and ending at 1600. Well... I guess I have to be comfortable with it for the next 3 years in NYP.
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Monday, April 10, 2006
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Saturday, April 8, 2006
I have this habit of writing about yesterday's events and I'm doing it right now! Weird of me writing about the past when we are supposed to write about the present. Well... you can't blame me. I was once a history student and will always be a history student. Corny... I know.. hahaha

Well... yesterday, nothing much happened. I went to my cousin's house again but instead of playing the X-Box, we watched "Fantastic 4" and "Bridget Jones Diary". Seriously, you guys can laugh at me cause this is the first time I watched these 2 movies. I'm really outdated as you can see... hahaha

After watching these first time intersting and funny movies, I called my mom. Being the lazy bum that I am, I asked her whether she could pick me up. I grinned when she gave the green light but it faltered when she told me that she may want to meet me somewhere. So, being the dutiful daughter, I agreed. If only my dad wasn't in JB, I'll be back home, lying on my comfy bed before nightfall.

At around 5.20 p.m., I left my cousin's house and took the bus to the MRT station. I was to meet my mom at Payar Lebar, and from there, we will go to Tanjong Katong Complex for our dinner. At first, I suggested going to City Plaza - the place where you can find a lot of Indonesion maids with their boyfriends - since they have the most delicious western food but when I saw the distance of City Plaza from the MRT station, I give up. I'm not going to walk a distance with my platform sandals!!! It hurts a lot!

Me and my mom then walked into TKC and ate our dinner at "Di Tanjong Katong" - a very old restaurant mind you. I don't really like the food there so the best thing I ordered was Western food - Steak with Mushroom. It was OK though. After dinner, we went around TKC and look around. We bought a couple of stuff for school like new tops.

Speaking of new top, I have a very funny encounter. Well it didn't occur to me but it happened to a lady... whom to me seems to be revealing quite a bit of skin. I was in a boutique and opposite it was a home decor.. There were two guys there handling their customer - an old guy and a young one. I was just sitting on a chair in the boutique that was facing the home decor.. The lady then went out of the boutique and I saw the young man looking at her, smiling to himself. He was staring at her body... well you guys know what I'm talking about. And I was laughing inside. The lady then browse around his shop... well outside his shop to be precise. And this man was following her. I was just observing them until what the young man said made me want to laugh. He said to her "Can I help you?" Hahahaha... I was trying to control my laughter. This man had been looking at her for the pat 5-10 minutes and that's all he said! Well... to those who thinks it's not funny then don't laugh cause I'm not someone who has a sense of humour in me....

Well... I guess that's all that has happened yesterday... nothing funny... hahaha (that's supposed to be a lame laugh btw). Well.. I'm signing off!
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Thursday, April 6, 2006
Today, we - me, Aruna, Sandy, Wan Jun, Shahul, Vikram, and Shahul's friend - were supposed to go to hte zoo. But it was cancelled last minute though... It's okay... hope we can meet up again and have a blast together!! Haha

Well... I went to my cousin's house and I was able to see LYSS... haha. She is staying just opposite my school... so I can see everything that's going on since she's living on the 12th floor! It was the first recess when I went there! Looking at the school brings back nostalgic memories...

Anyways, I played Crash Bandicoot in her X-Box. I missed Crash Team Racing which I usually play in my PS2 but it's spoiled and I can't find my controllers anywhere... It was fun but a bit frustrating when I "die"... hahaha

So after playing the X-Box, we watched Pride & Prejudice on her DVD... and it was utterly drop-dead romantic!!! It's such a classic.. well yeah... since it's written by Charlotte Bronte? Tell me if I get the author of the book wrong.... I'm not really sure about the author of the book.

I didn't get to spend the whole day there since my cousin has to meet her friends at 1430... so we left at around 1350. She took bus 53 while I took Bus 359 since I was going to Popular, White Sands. Remember yesterday I wrote a post about a book written by Robert Jordan? I was estactic when I found his books. I thought I bought the correct book but when I returned home, I bought the wrong one!!!!

I noticed that the publisher back at home was different than the publisher I bought at Popular. Back at home, it was Atom and the new one it was Orbit. And I guess since the first book "The Eye Of The World" by Atom is divided into 2 parts, I thought I'll be buying the second part but I was wrong!!! "The Great Hunt" that I just bought is the second book for the "The Eye Of The World"!!! So I think... I will have to go back to Popular and get the "The Eye OF The World" by Orbit.... It looked really thick.. so I guessed it's 2 parts in one...

Why must it be so confusing!!!! Aaarrgghh!!!! To those who don't know what I'm babbling about... don't give a damn about it. I myself am not sure what am I writing about!!!

Anyway... hope you guys will have a wonderful day ahead!! See ya and take care!!
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Wednesday, April 5, 2006
Hey there guys! I was just surfing the net when soemthing about the Gossip Girl movie caught my eye. I'm quite shocked at the find! It's stated that the movie will be released this year... which I'm not sure whether is this is a fact. I had doubts about it when the author of GG herself - Cecily von Ziegesar - said that the movie is not in production. I have the interview here at the bottom...

"As of right now, all roles are up in the air and their was speculation on IMDB which someone brought over here. This is an interview that one person had with the author of the novels.

[June/03/05] Just came back from meeting Ms. von Ziegesar at an Indigo bookstore appearance here in Toronto. She read the first chapter from her newest book, Nobody does it better, as well as answered some of our questions. I bought a brand new copy of the NDIB for her to sign and took a picture with her. :D Also, some information you might be interested in...
Who are cast for the Gossip Girl movie?
Answer: There are none. The Gossip Girl movie is not in production. Reason: the screenplay isn't actually written yet since Amy Sherman was said to be too busy. Without a screenplay, it is impossible for any actual cast. Casting from IMDB is most likely to be just speculation.
Who does Ms. Von Ziegesat want for casting?
Answer: She mentioned that personally she would like the movie to have unknown actors. It would be cool if it they tried using real private school girls and guys to make something of a more Indie film rather than with the usual popular casting picks. "

Furthermore, they had chosen the actors to play the characters and I'm sure you will not like it at all! Here are the actors...

Hilarie Burton - Serena van der Woodsen
Sarah Mahoney - Jenny Humphrey ( can't find the link)
Evan Peters - Dan Humphrey

Olivia Wilde - Blair Waldorf
Nick Zano - Nate Archibald

Okay... well I only copied the actors who will be playing our favourite people. And as you can see... Lindsay's not acting as Blair... which is a puzzlement. We heard and read news that she will be playing as Blair! So... if you will like to post your comments about it, you could go to

or you could comment at my tagboard!

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006
I'm feeling very full right now! My stomach is filled with 4 pieces of home-baked lasagne! Yup.. 4 pieces! Hahaha. Thanks to my cousin who taught me how to make it! :)

Before we went back to my humble abode to make the lasagne, we net up around 10.30 this mornign to watch Ice Age 2. After watching it, I prefer Ice Age 1 though... but my cousin prefered IA2 instead. The show's pretty nice with all the ice melting and Manny thinking he's the last mammoth on the earth and Sid being the stupid sloth ever and all that jazz. But can you believe that I fell in love with Diego?? Ewww... I know, me falling in love with a sabre-tooth tiger? EWWW!!! I have no idea what attracts me to him... maybe it's his "manliness" or his "machoness".... hahaha... but he's afraid of water!Anyways... whatever but please do not comment on me liking Diego... it's just too creepy!

So after watching the movie, I went into Times for awhile. I was trying to find Robert Jordan - Into The Blight but it's not there! Instead of leaving the store immediately, I browsed around and thank god I could control my temptation from buying too many books! I still have 2 new ones which I have not read yet! Maybe one day I'll drop by Kinokuniya since I'm a member... haha... I'm so cocky.. hahaha... whatever!!!

As you know... I quickly left the store and we went to NTUC to buy the ingredients and came to my humble abode around 2. We started cooking around 3.30 and the lasagne was finished around 5.30! So that's how I'm now very full with 4 pieces of lasagne in me! Hahaha

So.. maybe next time I'll drop by again or maybe tomorrow after playing the X-Box with my cousin.. haha. So long!!
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