Monday, October 29, 2007
(Another song) All Over Again
I love this song so much that when I hear it, it makes me emotional and sentimental. You can just sway to the music and never feel sleepy. But if you have Justin's Futuresex/Lovesound album, try listening to it while you're sleeping, just skip the first track, and trust me, you'll be lullabied.

You've been alone, you've been afraid
I've been a fool
In so many ways
but I would change my life
If you thought you, might try to love me
So please give me another chance
To write you another song
And take back those things I've done
Cause I'll give you my heart
If you would let me start all over,

I'm not a saint
I'm just a man
Who had heaven and Earth
In the palm of his hand
but I threw it away
So now I stand here today asking forgiveness and if you could just please
Give me another chance
to write you another song
And take back those thing's I've done
Cause I'll give you my heart
If you would let me start all over

Little girl you're all I've got.
Don't you leave me standing here once again?
'Cause I'll give you my life
Yes I would.
If you would let me try to love you

So please give me another chance to write you another song and take back those thing's I've done

'Cause I'll give you my heart
If you would let me start all over

Again, oh,no no ohh

You know I love you, yeah
give me one more chance
No no, no no no no
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Sunday, October 28, 2007
You Know You Love Me
After 4 years for buying and reading the books, Gossip Girl the series has ended... for now. Well, only the original characters but a new era will begin next year with new exciting plots involving triplets!

Anyway, the prequel to Gossip Girl: It Had To Be You is a shocking revelation. It all started before S went to boarding school and the reason behind it. Well... to those who have watched the Gossip Girl TV show, they revealed the reason why S left for boarding school! So it was just S, N and B but feelings between each other tightened and well it gets confusing especially to the only boy between his two best girlfriends. At first, after reading the previous GG books, I thought N was just infatuated with S but apparently, I was wrong. He really does have feelings for S! And B, well she's just the same old B who always get what she wants but sadly, B didn't even know that S left her alone for boarding school! Must be really heartbreaking for her... At least she has N by her side every day... without distractions!

Alright, so enough of the gorgeous trio. It was a double shocking to find out about J! Who knew that she wanted to grow up so fast that she bought supplements online! Heck, she was only 12 1/2 years old and she thought she'll be a late bloomer! Hello!! The average age for maturity is 13-15... what's the rush for! Oh well... she's actually regretting it. V and D... I thought they started all the way back (just like the show) but nope, they bumped to each other at a party and V, she wasn't bald "naturally". She had long, jet black hair! Believe it! Lastly D, I think he's just scary... stalking and obsessing over a particular girl who thinks he doesn't exist! Pathetic really!

Oh well... it's over and I'm still wondering should I continue reading it? I have no idea. Anyway, Gossip Girl episode 6: The Handmaiden's Tale is out and Vanessa's in it!! Finally... but there'll be no baldness! Too bad. Oooo... plus the juicy bit, N kissed J!! Can't wait for the next episode!
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
It's only the first week of school and I'm bored and restless. I really need to get use to waking up early! I was supposed to meet up with all my cousins but it was canceled the last minute so I ended up going with Jija instead. We had lots of fun right Ja? Though we only ate Long John's... hehe. And apparently, she's one of an observant cousin. Not only is she art student but she observes people around her! I only get to know that both my brother and my cousin, Hidhir are head-turners to girls!! OMG!! Well I can't believe that cos they're family and you see them almost everyday so you can't judge whether they're cute or ugly. :P

Anyway, Jija told me that she brought this flyer to school where my bro was in it. He just finished acting in his hall play and I gotta say, he can act! Thought he would be very stiff. Anyway, she showed the picture of my bro to her friends and they were gushing about him!! They say he's hot, he's good looking and these comments came from the "popular" girls or so she says... So when I heard that I was like "Serious! You must be joking!"It was just weird... to me! He's my brother after all!! Should I look at him like an eye-candy? That'll be gross and disgusting at the same time!

Furthermore, I was in laughter when she told me that Hidhir himself is attractive to girls! She showed his picture and all the girls said he is CUTE!! He's my bloody cousin!! I don't know whether is he good-looking, cute or not! I see him almost everyday!? Alright, never mind. I'll post the best looking pictures of both my brother and Hidhir and you decide. Are they good-looking / cute or just average or no comments... I really need to know. I'm still shocked by all this!! BUT... no offence, I didn't mean to insult them both. They're family and I believe that all my cousins are good-looking but I just can't believe that they attract girls!! I thought these girls will be looking out for those really over the top model look alikes! Anyway, you decide!!

Hidhir's the one on the top and beside me is his sister, Afiqah.
My brother is the one on the right and beside him is my cousin, Aiman. He looks a bit like Ari Wibowo don't you think?
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Sunday, October 14, 2007
Selamat Hari Raya!!
It's the first month of Syawal and the time for Muslims around the world to celebrate after a whole month of fasting. It was a joy to see Muslim families here in Singapore dressing up in different colours and styles. Every corner, you might be able to see a family wearing green, or some wearing white, pink, blue etc. This year, we didn't have a colour co-ordination. My mother and I wore different shades of purple - magenta for me and purple for my mom. On the other hand, both my father and brother wore baju melayu that was greyish blue with tints of gold.

The first day usually involves the whole family visiting our grandparents and then visiting the eldest uncle or aunt. The following days will be visiting our distant relatives or our friends houses. Sadly, there's only one day left to visit as starting Monday I'll be starting school!

Alright, I'm really feeling tired right now and my eyes are just dieing to close! Enjoy the holidays!! Cheers!
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Thursday, October 11, 2007
GG Episode 4... BFF all over again?
Bad News Blair. This was the title for the 4th episode of Gossip Girl. It sort of sums up what's going to happen... Serena! It all revolves around Serena and for once when the spotlight was on Blair, Serena took it. Shit happens but happiness ensue. It was nice seeing both S and B having fun and being together again rather than seeing B trying to bring down S. Anyway, I've heard that Vanessa will have her cameo appearance on the next episode. Will she bald or hairy? I wonder....

Okay... so I've finished reading The A-List: Beautiful Stranger and it's like Gossip Girl all over again!! Why can't just one couple stay together forever?!! I honestly hate Cammie Sheppard so much!! She's damn worse than Blair and Callie. That's what money and power does to you but I hope Anna will get what she wants... really can't wait for the next book coming April 2008!!.
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Monday, October 8, 2007
Vanessa's In!!
Freaking out right now is not the answer but writing it down seems to be!! I guess I don't make any sense... Jumping and squealing around will arouse suspicions so I'll just rant it here! Vanessa will have her cameo appearance on Gossip Girl soon!! Finally!! She comes!!
I can't imagine Dan's relationship with Serena will last. Well they look alright together but it just doesn't seem right. If you were wondering how I knew about it... well I've got sources. Kidding.
I read it in one of the comments on YouTube where they showed an interview with Blake and Leighton on TRL and apparently, Vanessa will be acted by this girl who was in one of Daughtry's videos... maybe it's "It's Not Over"? I have no idea... But the mysterious question will be... will she be bald?! Hmmm... we'll have to see.

Anyway, today was my first day in KKH and it was fun! I get to work in the nursery! Very cute babies!!! LOL. I have to leave and sleep... it's bright and early for me tomorrow!
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Thursday, October 4, 2007
Poison Ivy / Beautiful Stranger
Oh my, I just finished watching Gossip Girl episode 3 and the last scene was almost tear-jerking. Blair and Serena confronting one another after their series of cat-fights... it was touching. Hopefully, everything will be back to normal on the next episode.

On a lighter note, I've finally gotten The A-List #9 :Beautiful Stranger and just by reading the summary and the first chapter, it seems exciting and probably interesting and less boring than the previous one!! I HATE CAMMIE SHEPPARD! There I said it. She's such a bitch and slut!! :P

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007
As always, HEROES was just plain amazing! I've just watched Episode 2: Lizards, thus the title. :P New discoveries and old friends meet. However, the last scene was really gruesome! Imagine cutting off your last toe with a scissors! Ugh! Well it inspired Claire though. Her biology class was discussing about regeneration in lizards and I guess she wants to try it out to see if it works for her. Heck, it does! And it was disgusting but cool at the same time to see her last toe grow! Yay Claire! LOL. Alrighty, can't wait for the third episode of Gossip Girl!! Ciao.

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Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine

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