Thursday, August 31, 2006
After so many damn episodes of waiting, the guy that I want "dead" is finally gone!! JAOQUIM GOMEZ IS OUT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! I feel more at ease now that there are good singers around excluding Paul and Jasmine... they're ummm.. ok ok. Can't wait for the finals itself to arrive! I hope that Jasmine, Jonathan and Hady are the Top 3... then I can sincerely admit the amount of money I spend on keeping Jonathan and Hady on the show. For once I would like to say... SINGAPORE... YOU DID THE RIGHT THING!!
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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Attachments Are Tomorrow!!!
The weekend is coming to an end and a brand new day awaits! But alas... no more slacking around now cos attachements are nearing in less than 24 hours!! Early in the morning tomorrow, I'll be donned with my nursing uniform and bidding farewell to my beloved family before boarding the bus to proceed to "THE HORROR, THE HORROR!". nah... just kidding...

It'll be a good experience I guess to start early in a polyclinic around my estate. I'll get to see all types of people and experience the oh-so long queues...

Well... my head's feeling heavy right now and I think I'm gonna "plonk" on the bed pretty, pretty soon.... ZzZzZzZ...
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Thursday, August 24, 2006
Finally!! After all that waiting, mugging and cramming, the EXAMS are OVER!! It's time to celebrate people!! It was a very good celebration for me cause I watched "Lovewrecked" with Seetha just now at Plaza Sing. The movie's really good and very humourous... it's a must - watch to all the GIRLS!!! and boys maybe... haha...

But the best that I mostly love from the movie is the soundtrack!! The songs were fabulous!! They fit so well to the movie!! LURVE IT TO BITS!!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Death of a Loved One
Today's a day of mourning for my whole family, especially for me. My dearest kitten , Fifi, passed away early this morning. She was very weak yesterday and was sneezing. After confinding with my auntie, I gave her a quater of a panadol tablet. I was delighted when I saw that she was back to her normal self late last night. She was walking and energetic...

But it was a shock to me and my whole family when she passed away this morning. I didn't expect this to happen. After giving her the panadol, I was hoping for a full recovery from her. So now... she's somewhere resting in peace. I'm really going to miss her... she's the only one who's the cutest and most lovable among her other two sisters. But one thing I regretted was not treasuring her prescence. I didn't had the chance to take a picture... but I hope that I will be able to in my mind...

Good bye Fifi... You will always be in my heart...
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
I'm bored and typing my entry with my new laptop... *sigh* I'm having troubling focusing with everything that I do that I can't accomplish anything!!

I just want to get all of these over and done with!! When the break comes ... I'll be jumping for joy!! Cannot wait for my holidays... ooOoOo... how I wish time will fly past quickly...

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006
Just 2 hours more and 9 minutes then it's HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!!! It'll be our nation's 41st birthday. Look how far we've gone and the trouble our forefathers had to sacrifice to make Singapore into what she is now!

I just came back from a Firwork Festival @ Marina Bay... and it was AWESOME!! The firework display for today was choreographed by out very own TEAM SINGAPORE!! It was pretty well done... but quite dissapointing too. I expected it to last for 15 minutes or more but sadly it lasted for 10 minutes. Between New Year's and today... I vote for the former... it was really satisfying as it lasted more than 15 minutes. Anyways... I think tomorrow will be the best so far... I hope.. LOL.
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Monday, August 7, 2006
I'm darn happy right now!! I've made my own collage from my own blood and sweat... okay well that's too dramatic... LOL. The collage that I made consists of all the Gossip Girl covers and it's super-cool... well that's because I MADE IT!!. It all started when I surfed the net to see all the Gossip Girl covers and an idea came up to me! I was heartbroken when my Adobe Photoshop's contract expired but thank god for Microsoft Photo Editor!. I edited the pictures and came out with this B-E-A-U-TIFUL collage! I had troubling saving it at first but it came out all right!! Well... with no further adue... I present to you my collage!!

Like it?? I planned to make it into a blog skin... but that would have to wait... cos I need to know the basics on how to make the template... LOL...
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There's no school tomorrow!! Feeling great all over!! Wednesday's a public holiday and there's not a better time than to slack around the house!! LOL...

I need to wake up to face the reality that I've been neglecting. I have been swimming around my fantasy world for some time that I have forgotten my duties! WAKE UP!!

I really wish to get it over and done with. Just be patient and I'll do fine!! YES!! BE PATIENT.... then it's CELEBRATION TIME!!!

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006
It's Nurses's Day today!!

Happy Nurses' Day to us
Happy Nurses' Day to us
Happy Nurses' Day to all the nurses in Singapore and maybe around the world...
Happy Nurses' Day to us!!

I'll be having a celebration tomorrow in collaboration with National Day and a group presentation tomorrow and the dress attire is red or white... but I do not have the latter! I feel really wierd wearing all white from head to toe.... I'll feel like an angel in white... haha. I wanted to wear a Singapore T-Shirt from Hang Ten but I'll feel like a geek wearing that. It's not even National Day and I'm already hyped about it...

Anyways... this morning I took the train to school instead of the usual bus ride just to top up my bloody EZ link card. I really need to apply for a GIRO... Back to the topic... it took me an hour to reach school by train and in between the train ride, there was this Chinese lady who was speaking in an American accent on the phone... probably an ABC (American Born Chinese). She could be a tourist cos I heard her talking about a travel agent and all those stuff... (man... I'm an eavesdropper... hehe). So anyway... when she was talking, people were looking at her and I find it really annoying. Give her some space man!! At least she's talking English and not some gibberish. I really don't understand why Singaporeans like to stare at people who are not like us... the local people. It's quite rude in a way though... which I think it is why many people are involved in staring incidents.

I don't really find it weird when people has an accent when they speak cos I have a cousin who does. She has the British accent as she has been schooling in a British International School for 11 years..By the way, she's 15... So I find it kind of normal. I think we should try not to stare at people and just mind our own business. In this way... there would not be many staring incidents.. hehe.
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