Saturday, November 25, 2006
"I'm a material, I'm a material girl..."

Once a song sung by THE Madonna and with the latest movie featuring the Duff sisters, Material Girls, the Hilary and Haylie Duff sisters sang a great rendition of the song. Much more upbeat, catchy and just plain addicting... To listen to the whole song, here's a link to the video... enjoy!!
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Friday, November 24, 2006
Here I am on my bed, updating my blog. I just came back from dinner with my mom and her colleagues at Furama Hotel. I didn't know they had an Indonesian restaurant and surprisingly it was good! The prawns, satays... just delish!

Today was an slacky day for us... in terms of school. I only had one lecture that started from 9 and ended at 11. Those who went back after lecture enjoyed their weekends but sadly, my group had to stay back to discuss on our project that is due on Thursday. Honestly, today was our first discussion but we had split up our work before so it wasn't that hectic...

I'm missing my dad and brother right now. I didn't get the chance to see them for the past two weeks. My dad's busy with his work and has to work overtime due to some "shut down" in his company. He's working for an oil company and every year they have this shut down to upgrade or clean their oil tanks or something like that. He has been coming home after 12 almost everyday and leaving home at 6.45 in the morning. My brother on the otherhand has exams and is staying in his hostel so he hardly comes back during the weekends. Fortunately, he came back yesterday and slept over for a day but I couldn't get to hang around with him as you know... I hit the hays very early. :P

I managed to see him this morning but only for a short while before I left for school. It has been a while since we have eaten together as a family... If only there would be one day where we could enjoy each other's presence....
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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Why are the taxi fares so darn expensive!! I've been wanting to save all my ten dollars but the stupid bus didn't come on time and I had to take a taxi to school!! If I had taken the bus at 8.30, I will sure be late for class, exceeding the 10 minutes grace!!

Anyway, on the good side, the HS1037 paper is finally over!! Well... the theory only. I still have the practical to be done with which will be next Friday. I've got to practice really hard for my asepsis techniques, wound dressing etc. etc. I just can't wait for the holidays and spend my Boxing Day, Hari Raya Haji and New Year's in Jakarta and Bandung!! Meeting up with family members always brings a smile to my face... hanging out with the cousins are definitely not a bore... especially if you have cute, crazy and weird ones around you!! They can just make your day!!

Okay... I guess I have to hit the sheets... I'm done with my Bio tutorial and updating my blog. Tomorrow is a long day... starting school at 9 in the morning and ending at 6 in the evening... I NEED A BREAK!! :P
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Friday, November 17, 2006
Material Girls, a romantic comedy acted by the duo sisters, Haylie and Hilary Duff. A breakout for Hilary herself to be acting as someone older, wiser and mature. As for Haylie herself, truly a good performance by her! Truly a movie that held many meanings. True and real friends don't ditch you when you're in a pit full of shit, money don't buy you happiness nor does it brings you fame... cos once your blings are gone, there goes your social life! Truly a good chick flick that'll make you laugh!
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Thursday, November 16, 2006
As you know, I bought the latest Gossip Girl - Would I Lie To You and finished it in a day! The 10th installment seems much better than the previous ones. More juicy, more exciting and just more bitchy! LOL. Finally after the ons and offs, our favourite couple, B and N are back together... AGAIN!! But what's this, S has mixed feelings with a certain auburn hair guy? Why does she have to have be the one to make it worse all over again!! Is D gay?? Or isn't he? How is V going to take it since they are almost together AGAIN... And the juiciest question ever... Will B reveal the letter to N that S wrote specially for him?? Or will they ever be back together again?? It all lies in the next book of Gossip Girl.....

Only In Your Dreams,
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
The middle of the week, two more days to the weekend and exactly a week to 1037 exam! With all the stress coming up, the best way to relieve them is by SHOPPING!! A girl's best friend after diamonds... LOL

Straight after school, I met up with Kiru and Yu Xiam in Orchard... Miss them lots! Anyway, we went to Takashimaya to eat our lunch at Mc then went of to Kinokunya (for my sake... hehe). I went there just to look out for The A-List: American Beauty and alas I found out that Gossip Girl: Would I Lie To You has come out! And you know what I did... I bought both The A-List and Gossip Girl!! Thank god for my Kinokuniya membership or there won't be any discounts.... hehe. I wish Borders would have their own membership cards instead of a gift card. If I want to get a gift card thst's worth $50... I would have to hint "big" at someone...LOL

After we left Kino, we went to Urban Warehouse?? I think it's that just to look around...and then drop by at Centrepoint. Yu Xian bought a top from Bossini... it took a long time for her to buy it! By then, it was nearing 5 so I decided to head back home... I felt like joining them but I couldn't cos tomorrow there's school for me but not for them!!!

ANYWAY.... I reached home at 6+ and managed to watch Ellen after quite some time!! She's so funny... like duh!? LOL. Okay... so after eating dinner with my mom, we watched Honey on HBO together. Even though it's been ages since that movie made the screens, that was the first time I watched it and I seriously dig it!! Haha. It was nice, inspiring and my mom cried when they started dancing along with Yolanda Adam's - I Believe! She told me that my cousin from Bahrain was exactly the same as Honey Daniels. Not in the dancing part but in pursuing her dreams, in what she believes in, instead of following someone else's dream for her.... A beautiful story with a beautiful ending... haha

And before I sign off, I would like to leave a qoute that was on the latest Gossip Girl: Would I Lie To You... ENJOY!!

Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Monday, November 13, 2006
Finally... the presentation of the day has ended! The nightmare has ended and the next will reveal itself in two weeks time! Another project + another presentation = MORE STRESS!! LOL This time we'll be doing on our Sociology ICA: Social Support on AIDS. I've been looking through my Reader's Digest and sadly, I only found one article on AIDS but I guess this article will help us for our research.

Yesterday, I went out with my parents to meet up with my brother for dinner in Jurong Point. As usual, we went to Banquet since that's the only place that sells all things halal. I wanted to try ban mian which is homemade noodles and surprisingly, it tastes nice! My brother ordered claypot rice and my dad ordered chicken rice and ice kacang. Ironically, he bought the ice kacang first then the chicken rice... I don't know what was going on his mind then.. haha

I've noticed that my entries aren't really that personal and interesting to read. I guess because I like to keep all the personal secrets to myself and let the rest out... haha. I will try to write a personal entry if I want to... hehe.
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Sunday, November 12, 2006
I was reading my presentation for tomorrow when this song by Shayne Ward came up from my iTunes and it kinda made my heart soared. It sounds so melodious and it gave me the jitters. Here's the lyrics...

"A Better Man"

Until the oceans all run dry
Until the stars fall from the sky
Even if words dont seem to rhyme
Ill be addicted to your smile

And if the wind blows out the sun
Ill still believe you are the one
No matter what we're going through
I'll plan to spend my nights with you

I promise you my heart wont fade
I swear to you my soul always
It isnt hard to understand
You're making me a better man

Baby my love will say it all
I'll always catch you when you fall
And if the hard times get too much
I'll still be craving for your touch

I promise you my heart wont fade
I swear to you my soul always
It isnt hard to understand
You're making me a better man

I dedicate my world
I dedicate my all
For every moment
Your leaving me breathless

I dedicate my touch
Forevers not enough
I wanna hold on
I just wanna hold on to you

I promise you my heart wont fade
I swear to you my soul always
It isnt hard to understand
You're making me a better man

It isnt hard to understand, your making me a better man
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Tuesday, November 7, 2006
SHOCK! Yup... that's why I'm feeling now. SHOCK.

It happened all too fast. It started with me IMing my cousin on MSN and the next I was furious, confused and pouring my eyes out. A sudden news that made my heart stopped. WHY? Why is it that teenagers nowadays are trying to get the easy way out by cutting themselves? I find it utterly stupid! Do you know that you are actually hurting your loved ones? They care so much you yet you still want to do it...

Anyway... my cousin has now promised me and my mom that she will NEVER do it again! If she needs someone talk to, I will always be there for her. Friends may be a good place to express your feelings but some "bad" friends may take your feelings as weaknesses and belittle you. So whenever you're feeling down, just call me and I'll be there for you... Jahizah. We ( your parents, cousins, aunts and uncles) love you like our own sister and daughter. Never forget that.... I love you.
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Thursday, November 2, 2006
Today's Sociology tutorial was very interesting. We were discussing on the incidence and prevalence rates and then came our presentation on HIV/AIDS. My classmates presented on the the ways of how to stop AIDS from spreading in Singapore while my group discussed on how women are involved in the spread of HIV/AIDS. After the research that we did, we were surprised to know that the sex workers in Geylang are HIV/AIDS negative!! Well... it's because of the public health officers that check on them regularly....

After we all presented, our lecturer made us discuss more on the subject of HIV/AIDS and sex. With people going against the social norms, more of them are involved in casual sex than our parents or grandparents' time. She said that the modern world today define love as sex which is wrong. Yes, humans always crave for affection and intimacy but sex is not the answer. She gave us an example and taught us how to decline to sex.

Example, if your boyfriend goes up to you and pour out his feelings to you, you'll feel flattered. And out of the blue, her asks you to have sex with him. You were shocked by the proclamation and declined. Apparently he didn't take "no" as an answer and said that "Everybody is doing it!". At this point, some of us girls will be tongue tied and may not know how to respond. However, my lecturer was smart enough to retort back. She said if we are in this type of dilemma, just ask him how he knows the statistics and where did he get the information wrong? That will definitely threw him back!

We were laughing at how much the answer actually makes sense! BUT we were not expecting her to show us something. She took out a condom and showed it to us. As you know, condom is 99.9% safe right? But what does the 1% protect you from? That 1% is to protect us girls from being pregnant AND not AIDS free!

Okay, imagine the condom in front of you. The condom is latex and made up of multiple layers of fibres. The spaces between the fibres are big while the AIDS virus is small. So, if you had sexual intercourse with an unfaithful AIDS partner, even he wears the condom, what are the chances of you having AIDS? It is a 65-70% chance. The risk of you having AIDS is higher than you getting pregnant! Even if you are protected, there will still be a high chance of you getting AIDS!!

So the best answer to all these problems? ABSTINENCE! Abstain from having sex before marriage! And if you are married, BE FAITHFUL!! You wouldn't want your family members to broke apart because of AIDS!

All I have to say is - "Think before you act!"
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