Friday, September 28, 2007
These past few days during the fasting month, I have made a few meals for my family for break fast. And most of the recipes I got it from The Martha Stewart show or her website itself and specifically today, I made pink lemonade just by using fresh lemons and cranberry juice. Her recipes are really easy and good enough to eat! I remembered making hamburgers and the burger patty itself was manually made. However, it was quite thick, so all of us didn't get to finish it at all! Then later on, I made more hamburgers when we went to my grandmother's house and well let's say they were worth it! I made 15 burger patties and there were no leftovers! Well, I guess thanks to my brother and cousin since they took two burgers each!

Apart from Martha Stewart whom I get recipes from (including my cupcakes), I've copied and am trying to get other recipes from Bob Plumer (Surreal Gourmet) and Nigella Lawson. Some are easy to make but others, well, I don't really like it when they use alcohol in their recipes. It's like when you see them cooking it looks so delicious, and then out of the blue they'll use white wine, pink champagne etc. It's quite disappointing really.

However, the worst part was I couldn't find recipes from Nigella Lawson on the web. Well... only a few of it but not all of it. Guess, I'll have to hunt for the book. She cooks really well and you just feel like trying it. I want to try her toffee topping, mixed fruit salad that has mangoes, raspberries etc and many, many more. She is one of my favourite chefs other than Bob Plumer, Jamie Oliver and Martha Stewart!

I really, really would like to try all the recipes but I can't really satisfy one two of the hungry stomachs in my family. Well... my dad he's more the Asian and Javanese type so he prefers something with rice instead of pasta. I hope he'll change his mind though... after he tries my cooking... LOL.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Well... I'm kinda disappointed that fanpop didn't upload the second episode of Gossip Girl as soon as possible. It aired last night on the 26th and hopefully they will upload it tomorrow. Anyway, they did upload a small snippet of the show, the Dan and Jenny talk. Kinda sweet, the brother and sister lovin'! :)

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Gossip Girl and Heroes... the 2 most anticipated shows. One's a preppy cum rich kids with their many problems while the other is the continuation about people with super-powers. Let's see who gets the best vote.

Gossip Girl, based on the New York Times bestseller series is the most anticipated show awaited by fans of the book such as moi! It's season premiere was good, where as GG fans might know, Serena (Blake Lively) comes back from boarding school surprising everyone especially (Leighton Meester) Blair and Nate (Chase Crawford). However, the characters were disappointing... well only a few. Firstly, the season premiere introduces Serena's brother Eric (Connor Paolo), whom shockingly is younger than her and he was hospitalized for harming himself. Secondly, one of the most important girls in the book Vanessa, is not even casted in the show. She'll be an interesting character to watch if she was casted. Well I have a lot of opinions about the characters but I'm quite satisfied with them acting especially Leighton and Ed Westwick who plays Chuck. They're over the top! Episode 1 premiered a week ago and now episode 2 was aired last night in North America on The CW. I've seen the trailer for episode 2 and well there will be a catfight between the once BFFs, S and B because of N's confession: "I had sex with Serena". Imagine your BF saying it right at your face... poor Blair. Anyway, Gossip Girl I'd give a rating of 3 out of 5.

Heroes, the newest season was a good start for another anticipating show. The last season ended with a few of our beloved Heroes sacrificing their lives for humanity and the second season continued from where it left off, 4 months later. Everyone had their own lives to continue with but there were some unexpected turn of usual. Furthermore, the season premiere introduced 4 new characters. Each of them had their unique ability to do something extraordinary or causing destruction to humanity. The first episode had me waiting for more... it has every genre that anybody would like - action/adventure, comedy (thanks to Hiro played by Masi Oka), suspense and maybe a teeny-winny bit of drama. And who would have guessed that the Petrelli brothers - Nathan and Peter - are alive?! Can't wait to watch the next episode!! I'd give Heroes a 4 out of 5!!

So... in conclusion, well both of the shows are just as good to watch. If you love The O.C. then you might love Gossip Girl, East Coast style but for those who just love all things supernatural than Heroes is just for you. Everybody has their liking so no matter what show you like/hate, enjoy them!! :)

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Thursday, September 13, 2007
It's the first day of the fasting month. Woke up really early today and watched Bewitched on HBO. However, the most exciting part is experiencing the sunrise. This has been my first time seeing the sunrise and it was beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! I took pictures of it from my room and well I was a bit worried that the neighbours will complain... well they're still asleep. Teehee

I started taking the pictures at around 0620 where the sky is still dark but there was a light tint of orange over the horizon. I wanted to take the bright shining star but the picture would not turn out well. I've seen a couple of planes overhead and well Singapore really is busy!

Here are the pictures that were taken from 0630 to 0706. In the third picture, the clouds remind me of Voldermort chasing after the witches and wizards on the broomsticks just like in Deathly Hallows! Weird isn't it? It's no wonder that cloud gazing is fun!!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

She's crazy but he's beautiful and yet they were meant for each other. A crazy yet beautiful story about Carlos and Nicole. Carlos, a straight A student planning to be a pilot and Nicole, a troubled teen who lives with her father and stepmother in an affluent neighbourhood. When Carlos starts going out more often with Nicole, his priorities was not important to him but when he got an interview with Nicole's father for an application to Naval Academy, he got more than he expected. He knew more Nicole and a deal that her father made to him - to leave his daughter alone or no acceptance to the Naval Academy. Carlos did but he realised that he couldn't let her go just like that.

A very romantic and touching story that not only touches the value of love and friendship but family too. A few tears here and there will be shed but of course, who couldn't resist the good looks of Carlos, played by Jay Hernandez? He immediately caught my eye when he appeared in the very first scenes. Too bad that he's 29 years old and married. Damn! But a picture here and there will not hurt right? ;)

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
More Holiday Fun!!!
Damn! I've forgotten to bring my camera along today for the class gathering! It was fun by the way and I brought my cousin, Adnan along. Teehee. Eunice booked a chalet at the Changi Yacht Club and well it's creepy! We were at the site where the Old Changi Hospital is and even though we alighted from the bus stop in broad daylight, I still felt goosebumps especially with the old CH looming over the hilltops. I still remembered that my late grandfather was once warded there as I used to live opposite the Changi Prison. So when my father came to fetch us, we were surprised that further on, there's actually civilization! Lights, hawker food and more lights! The place that we were in was just too dim for my liking! I fear dark places!!

Anyway, I have to wake up early tomorrow morning to attend another gathering and this time, I've packed my camera inside my bag so that I won 't forget!! I'll be going to Sentosa tomorrow and I think I'll be wearing jeans... too bad I don't have any appropriate attire to wear!! T_T

Oh well... hope it won't rain tomorrow... signing off!!
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Monday, September 10, 2007
Holidays here!!
It's been a while since I went MIA and now here I am! My last two weeks were busy from attachment at IMH and boy, was it fun! Everyday is a brand new day as something new or unexpected will happen. I'm really going to miss the patients...well some. Half of it brings some painful and annoying memories while the other half brings joy, laughter and happiness. Our last day there was unforgettable. My friends and I bought fruits to make a fruit salad for the patients while some bought biscuits and panda cakes. We even made party hats/crowns for the patients and it was fun watching them wearing it and queuing up for the food! This attachment really was meaningful and it showed my friends and I that the patients in IMH are just as normal as we are just like the slogan for IMH: Loving Hearts, Beautiful Minds.

Anyway... remember there was one post that I wrote that I'll be baking cupcakes? It was a success!!! I love the topping and maybe next time, I would use a smaller cup. My cousin and I took some pictures of it.

Don't the cupcakes look yummy?? Hehe... Anyway, these cupcakes were inspired by Martha Stewart and my cousin's experience with cupckes! LOL

Tomorrow, I'll be having a class gathering together with my classmates from NYP at the Changi Yacht Club. Invited my cousin along... well to help me carry the things since I'll be preparing some of the food... hehe. Signing off!!

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