Saturday, January 20, 2007
Finally, my attachments are over!! The past 3 weeks, I was working at TTSH and frannkly speaking, it was way better than my previous one! The nurses there are helpful and caring rather than the other ward... In all, it just makes my attachment lively and engaging!

Anyway.. I haven't been updating but here I am! It's so great to relax now since I won't be working anymore but darn.. school's starting for me this coming Monday!! Lots of projects and presentations to finish!! Thank god I have finished reading Jodi Picoult's latest novel - The Tenth Circle. As you can see, I can't get enough of Jodi, Stephenie, Cecily and Zoey. I'm a fan! LOL.

The Tenth Circle is about a stay-at home father and his 14 year old daughter. Daniel Stone, an avid comic book artist had a horrific past when he was in Alaska and was treated as an outkast. When he started a family with Laura and had a daughter, Trixie, he hid about his past and only reveal it through his drawing. But everything changed when 14 year-old Trixie was date raped at a party and Daniel tried his very best to protect his daughter. Beginning to feel his rage and his past flowing out from him, he began to draw as his alter-ego - part man, part beast and illustrated on how he started to go through the ten circles of hell to rescue his daughter who was kidnapped by the devil. The Tenth Circle will bring you to the modern doors of the high school and the vast tundra of Alaska. Apart from that, this is the only book that has comic illustrations draw in between chapters to let readers feel about Daniel's fear about himself and his daughter. Furthermore, I would like to give some excerpts from the book that just felt real to me and gave me the goosebumps.

"She crouched in the tub and let the water sluice over her. She cried great, damp, gray sobs that no one could hear over the roar of the plumbing, and she carved at her arm - not to kill herself, because she didn't deserve such an easy way out - just to release some of the pain before it exploded inside her. She cut three lines and a circle, inside the crook of her elbow:
Blood swirled pink between her feet. She looked down at her tatoo. Then she lifted the blade and slashed hatch marks through the letters, a grid of gashes, until not even Trixie could remember what she'd been trying to say."

This was when Trixie was date raped by her ex-boyfriend Jason, who committed suicide when he was found guilty of raping her. She broke down when she heard the news and started to cut herself.

"Trixie wished she could round up the kids in this building and save them, like Holden Caulfield in the last book she'd read for English. Reality check, she would say. Santa's a phony. Your parents lied to you.
And, she might add, they'll do it again. Her own parents had said she was beautiful, when in fact she was all angles and bowlegs. They'd promised that she's find her Prince Charming but he'd dumped Trixie. They said if she came home by her curfew and picked up her room and held up her end of the bargain, they's keep her safe - yet look at what had happened."

This was when she ran away from home because the detective say that she was guilty of killing Jason and this came up about her parents not being there and protecting her when the raped happened.

In all, The Tenth Circle is a must read book that focuses on teenagers and their parents nowadays. You will not feel bored and Jodi has actually made it interesting by asking the readers to figure out the hidden message behind Daniel Stone's drawings... Go check it out!!

Disclaimer: The excerpts above are solely owned by Jodi Picoult and not by me.
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