Friday, May 16, 2008
calling all guys... join the twilight scene!!
Yes.. I know, another Twilight post but what can you say, I'm an obsessed freak! =)

Okay, you might be wondering what's with me calling out to any guys to join the Twilight scene. First of all, most of you might think that Twilight is targeted to teens - specially for teenage girls. Na-ah, think again! You might be surprised that there are adults reading Twilight - mothers, aunts, grandmothers etc. However, the most shocking thing will be GUYS reading Twilight! Okay, guys out there might ask, what does Twilight have that attract these guys?!

1. Though it may be a romance novel, doesn't mean that romance is the only thing that occupies the first page till the last.
2. It involves vampires, fast cars (Volvo, Mercedes, BMW and a monster truck!)
3. There's a fight scene at the very end involving vampires
4. In the following series, werewolves are introduced and you get to read the interaction between both mythical creatures.

If you're still not convinced enough, there are Twilight Guys around the globe who give their opinion about why they like Twilight.

Now, for those who are wondering whether TWILIGHT is a really good book. Well... it really is! As Stephenie said: "A good book, is a good book for any age."
I can't tell you how brilliantly good it is, you just gotta get a hold on of the book and read it!! If you're to become a new Twilighter, here are some advice tips that were given by other Twilighters. These were taken from More Twilight Goodness - Film School Rejects

" Tips:
1. When reading Twilight in public, try to refrain from going “aww” if Edward says something sweet, or people will stare at you.
2. Try not to slip into “twilight talk” with your friends, because if you start going on about how you “love edward cullen so much,” they’ll want to know who it is. When you explain he’s a fictional character they’ll seem confused until you brainwash them to read it. Try to be patient with them.
3. In New Moon, don’t hold back tears when it gets sad. Many fans have cried over this book (Myself included)
4. Do not judge Jacob Black. Everyone has their own opinion of him and they’re entitled to it.
5. In Eclipse, try not to yell at the book if you get frustrated.
6. Don’t let anyone borrow your copies of the book unless you don’t want to see them again. Because if someone “borrows” it, they’ll become addicted and try to steal it from you.
7. After reading the books, when you listen to music you’ll relate every song you hear to the series. Don’t worry, that’s normal.
8. After finishing Twilight, if you don’t own all three books you’ll go insane until you find them. Like someone said earlier, buy all three at once. It will save you unnecessary suffering and anxiety.
9. You’ll form a love/hate feeling towards Bella. You’ll like her character, and yet be very jealous of her at the same time.
10. Enjoy the books, and try not to go completely crazy waiting for August 2nd. "

"My recommendations…

Make sure you don’t have anything much to do the next day. When I first read Twilight, I literally could not stop reading until I finished, which was rather late into the night. And then I had to go to school the next day! Not that fun.

Also, make sure you know a friend or someone you can talk to who has read the books. That was my other problem. I didn’t personally know anyone else who had, and so I was stuck with amazing books that I NEEDED to talk about but couldn’t!

Finally, once you finish, read them through again! The first time you read through so fast that you miss things. In fact, I still notice new things even after reading them…um…very large number…times! Stephenie is such an amazing writer that every little detail is enjoyable and significant, so make sure not to miss them."

Alright... well I certainly agree with both comments above. Firstly, I've related some songs to Twilight like No Air, Fall For You and Almost Lovers.

And secondly, I personally don't know anyone else who reads Twilight well except for my cousins who sadly are overseas. So I'm currently waiting for Jahiza to finish her O's, read the series, be obsessed as I am before the movie comes out so that we can gush about how sweet and romantic Edward is!

And thirdly, I totally agree that you have to read the series more than once! I've done so for all 3 books and well... you'll get more information and understand the character deeper. =)

Well... hopefully, more Singaporeans are reading Twilight and well, I'm really hoping that when the movie comes out, it'll be a BIG HIT!
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