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Gossip Girl Music
As you might know, Gossip Girl is returning on April 21 and I can't wait to listen to their gloriously wonderful soundtrack. Thanks to GG, I might have a small itch for Indie music and some other genres that I didn't favor before. So now, while awaiting for April to zoom by, I thought of picking out some of the best songs from Gossip Girl soundtrack. Enjoy!!

Episode #1: Pilot
This was the iconic song for the opening of Gossip Girl and it all starts with whistling! Yup... you guessed it, Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John. Listening to it now, you might imagine the scene where Serena's on the train ride home to NY, leaning her head on the window sill....

Episode #2: The Wild Brunch
Remember the last scene? Serena was browsing through her pictures of Blair, Nate and her together and in the end she threw away her phone? Well... the chorus of that song was nice. It's by The Bravery and it's called Believe. Here's a peek...

Episode #3: Poison Ivy
This is the episode where Serena and Blair were tripping each other with their field hockey sticks and the catchy song that was playing during this scene fits just right - I Got It From My Momma by Will.I.Am.

Episode #4: Bad News Blair
Remember this episode? Blair caught Serena "betraying" her when she saw Serena at her mom's photo shoot modeling her mom's creation. Well the opening scene was a scene taken out from Blair's favourite movie: Breakfast At Tiffany's and the song playing was Moon River which coincidentally is also in BAT Sountrack.

The next song in the same episode is Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston where both best friends were seen taking photos of themselves around New York in Eleanor Waldorf's creation. Cute!

Episode #5: Daredevil
Who doesn't remember Blair acting drunk in front of the nurse while Jenny tries to sneak Eric out of the rehabilitation center? In this episode, Blair had to invite Jenny to her soirée as Serena was busy with Dan. During the soirée, Blair had Jenny dressed up in different types of clothing and the song playing then was Prima J, Rockstar.

Episode #6: The Handmaiden's Tale
You're invited to The Masquerade Ball and oohh someone got mistaken for Serena. Same blonde hair, same mask... remember it? In this episode apart from Nate expressing his love, he was supposed to find Blair and start all over again but he didn't. This is one of the song's that I really, really like and it's Timebomb by Beck.

The ending song might not be a happy ending after all for Blair since Nate didn't find her in time but it was for both Serena and Dan. It's a beautiful song and the lyrics are meaningful too. Here's Happy Ending by Mika.

Episode #7: Victor/Victrola
One of the scandalous episodes ever... Blair burlesque dancing and ending up in Chuck's limo? This episode has by far one of the most talked about and searched for song but I'll get back to that in a minute. Remember Blair's burlesque dancing? Well the song was kinds stuck to my head and well my cousin loved it too. She was dancing to Stripper by Soho Dolls.

The most memorable song ever in this episode is played during the scene where Blair and Chuck were making out in his limo (which I hate) and after that episode, everybody was asking what's the title of that song. Even though I was really shocked by the outcome of the scene but the song was really nice! It's called With Me by Sum 41!

Episode #8: Seventeen Candles
It's Blair's 17th birthday and her theme was Japanese if you realised. In this episode most of the soundtrack was from The Virgins but remarkably and Asian group made their appearance and it's Puffy Ami Yumi. Their songs might be childish like "Teen Titans" but at least it they're known in the West. Their song that was played was Nice Buddy.

One of the songs from The Virgins that I really like is Radio Christiane by The Virgins. If I'm not wrong, this was the ending song.

Episode #9: Blair Waldorf Must Pie
This is the Thanksgiving special and this is the episode where Blair's bulimic side was seen. It was heart wrenching to see her in that situation but it was touching when Serena came in and consoled her. Furthermore this is the episode where the van der Woondsen's and the Humphreys had a Thanksgiving together that didn't go too well as planned. However, the last song was what caught my attention. Nolita Fairytale by Vanessa Carlton was playing when the Humphreys were enjoying themselves in Central Park by playing football.

Episode #10: Hi, Society
You're invited to the Debutante ball and this ball really has good music. Featuring The Pierces, one of their songs Secret was played when the debutantes were waltzing with their partners and the place where Nate punched Carter, Serena's partner. Here's the song.. you'll love it!

Another song by The Pierces is Three Wishes. I can't remember which scene did the music play but if you recall, the song for this episode promo was Three Wishes.

The last song for this episode and the most wanted is Apologize. This was played when Blair and Nate were in a room together and you know what happens next...

Episode #11: Roman Holiday
All the songs from this episode were Christmas songs so I don't have any favs here.

Episode #12: School Lies
The second last episode of the season and trouble ensues between the Constance Billard and St. Jude's students. In this episode, Ed Westwick's (Chuck Bass)band, The Filthy Youth made an appearance with 2 of their songs: Come Flash All Your Ladies and Orange.Here's a peek:

The last song of the episode and one of the best from OneRepublic is Come Home. This was played when The Basses and the van der Woodsen's were having a family "bonding" time. It's a really nice song and quite mellow too. Here's a peek:

Episode #13: Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate
The last episode of the season and one of the most tragic for Blair. This episode has quite a few good songs. One of them is Dashboard Confessional with their song Where There's Gold.

This next song really made me smile. This was the song played during the promo of this episode and the scene where Blair was walking through Central Park, gloomy and depressed after the news of her sleeping with Chuck and Nate. The song playing was The Air We Breathe by The Figurines.

Finally, the finale for the last episode was the sweetest and loveliest ever! Having a best like Serena is a blessing. If Serena didn't come in time, Blair might have left for Paris and it might all start all over again but with Blair this time. The song playing during the scene was Happily Never After by Nicole Scherzinger. This is the song that's also playing in my blog. Gotta love it!

Okay... so these are my fav music during the GG episodes and I can't wait for more when GG comes back again on April 21!!
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