Wednesday, May 16, 2007
It's been such a long week and I could never take a minute to stop and rest. The last weekend I was so busy that I couldn't even study and last night was the first time I revised, which is just to kill time to wait for Heroes episode 2o to load up. Last Saturday, I went out to JB with my family and we went to Jusco Tebrau City with my brother who was his first time there. We window-shopped and I bought a Dorothy Perkins jeans that was on sale. We also had dinner at the Manhattan Fish Market and it was rather good! I regretted not buying the Fish n' Chips cause it was voted the #1 Fish n' Chip (it was printed on the back of the waiters' t-shirt... lol).

Then on Sunday, as usual I had my religious classes and it was emotional at the end. My teacher read a story about "My Mother" cause well it was Mother's Day that day. All of us cried at the end cause it really was true and touching! I don't know if they have it online but I'll try to search for it. Anyway, I couldn't go back straight home on that day cause my dad had some test going on with his golf called the handicap test. Don't ask me what it's about cause I don't even have a clue! But I was glad I could watch Ugly Betty!! =P

On Monday, nothing special happened except that I learn a new clinical skill which was bladder washout using a 3-way urinary catheter. It was a bit confusing seeing that there are quite a lot of steps but it was interesting. Thinking about it, since I'm in Year 2 now, I will have to take my Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) test later in the future!! I really have to pass it to get the certificate!!

Then on Tuesday, I learn about OCD and OCPD in Abnormal Psychology. I knew what OCD was cause I saw Tyra talking about on her show. But do you know that there's a difference between the two. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is an anxiety disorder where thoughts and behaviours are designed to aleviate these anxiety disorders and they are seriosuly repetitive and more intense. Like for example, a normal person will have to close the door once to be satisfied but an OCD person will have to do it several times until he/she is satisfied. And if someone breaks their rountine, they will start all over again until he/she is satisfied. On the other hand, OCPD (Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder) is a personality disorder and people with these disorder are worried about their punctuality and are particular about things. But one big difference is that OCPD is more broader, less intense and is less severe. For example, an OCPD person will wake up exactly at 6.45 am, take the train at 7.08am and reach work at 8am exactly every day. It's something like a routine that never breaks. Thinking about it, I think I have a bit of this disorder. I'm like to be punctual and will feel very anxious if I don't reach that place at a particular time.. haha. Maybe I'm just paranoid!!

Alright today was super-tiring. Not only was the Bio lecture really chim (we were talking about the cells in the brain), I had an annual Mentoring meeting and we ended around 6pm. But it was lucky that we had a lot of mentors going to Outram Sec. Can't wait to work with them!

Okie.. my Heroes episode 21 has finish uploading. I'm gonna watch it!! See ya!!
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